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Steef M. Bartman


Steef Bartman has been practising company law for more than 25 years. After having been a partner and of counsel with some big law firms he started his own firm Bartman Company Law in 2015 (www.bartmancompanylaw.nl). In addition to being a practising lawyer Steef holds a part time position as professor of company law at Leiden University since 2001.

He is considered an expert on veil piercing, workers’ codetermination, group finance matters and related director’s liability. Furthermore, he specializes in corporate disputes, such as squeeze-out and inquiry proceedings, bankruptcy scenarios and takeover disputes. Steef is frequently asked to opine by means of an expert letter or affidavit in legal proceedings on his field of expertise and regularly serves as Tribunal member in (international) arbitral proceedings.

Steef is the initiator and co-author of a widely-used book, titled ‘Van het concern’ (‘About the Corporate Group’), which contains an elaborate survey of group company law in the Netherlands. He is also the initiator and main editor of the journal European Company Law (ECL) and the related CECL Book Series (www.cecl.eu).