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Professor Julian David Mathew Lew QC

Julian is a full-time arbitrator in international commercial and investment disputes at Twenty Essex Chambers. He accepts appointments as arbitrator in international commercial and investment disputes. 

He has been involved with international arbitration for more than 40 years as an academic, counsel and arbitrator. Before 2005, Julian was a partner and, for some years, the head of the international arbitration practice group of Herbert Smith. 

Professional experience and expertise includes international transactions affecting investments, purchase and sale of corporate entities and assets, joint ventures, oil and gas exploration, development and production agreements, research and development and promotions of pharmaceutical and chemical products, mining and concession arrangements, distribution, agency, licensing contracts, infrastructure and construction projects, international trade finance, trading arrangements with developing countries, EU competition law and arbitration arising out of all such transactions. 

Julian has been appointed as a sole, presiding and co-arbitrator in arbitrations under the rules of all the major arbitral institutions and under UNCITRAL and Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution rules. 

He is Professor of International Arbitration and Head of the School of International Arbitration, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London. He has held these positions since the School’s creation in 1985. 

Julian received the GAR Award for Best Prepared and Most Responsive Arbitrator in 2015.