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A new research and workflow solution for your securities law tasks to ensure better legal practice!

With our established editorial expertise in securities regulatory content since 1933, Wolters Kluwer has been a trusted leader for corporations, law firms, financial services firms, government regulators and policy-makers - from the renowned Redbook/Red Box to RBsource® to now with the enhanced RBsourceFilings.


A web-based research tool powered by the Securities Act Handbook (Securities Redbook) that brings statutes, rules, regulations, forms, together with key SEC guidance in one place. With near real-time updates and intuitive interface, making your SEC research more efficient and accurate.

  • One View Access - Integrated, related content from rules, regulations, forms, and SEC Guidance always in view.
  • Ease of Use - Search using plain English or the citation template or browse by Laws, Rules, Regulations; Practice Matter Topics; or Favorites.
  • Stay Current - New and updated content feature allows you to see what has changed since your last log in right from the home page.
  • Personalization ― User note insertion, document highlighting, and bookmarking. Customize your home page with frequently referenced content.
  • Productivity Tools - Print, email, billback and save capabilities enable you to keep track of key issues and client information, and easily retrieve what you need.
  • Portability and Anytime Access - Accessible by through the web you can take your “Redbook” with you wherever you go, whenever you need it.

NEW! RBsourceFilings

A workflow solution that intelligently integrates SEC filings into RBsource® to provide a powerful workflow solution for a broad range of securities law tasks to ensure better legal practice.

  • RBsource®- Laws & Regulations, SEC Guidance
  • RBsourceFilings  - SEC Filings, SEC No-Action Letters, SEC Staff Comment Letters

RBsourceFilings aligns with the practitioner workflow and consolidates disparate components of securities law and filings research into an intuitive, streamlined process to ensure greater value and efficiency for your firm and your clients. Through intelligent content integration and contextual links created by expert attorney-editors using securities taxonomy, searches yield both SEC filings and the legal and regulatory materials vital to understanding those filings.

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