Kluwer Training

Kluwer Training

Kluwer Arbitration is the leading online service for international commercial arbitrators. With a subscription to the service you will gain access to a valuable collection of arbitration related material saving you both time and money. Materials include: Bilateral Investment Treaties, Case Law, Indian Journal of Arbitration Law, Mediation Content, Commentary, Conventions, Countries, Legislation, News, Rules and more.

Kluwer Competition Law is a powerful online service providing a valuable collection of primary source material, commentary and analysis. Its principal focus is the European Union and its Member States, however it does contain information covering key jurisdictions around the world. Designed to aid your research, the site is organized into the specific competition law topics of Antitrust, Mergers, State Aid and Special Sectors, such as liberalization. Each topic follows the same easy lay-out and is grouped into four text types:  Legislation and Notices; Commission Decisions;  Court Decisions; and Commentary. 

Kluwer IP Law is Wolters Kluwer’s flagship service focused on key IP law providing workflow tools, expert commentary and authored content from prominent practitioners and thought leaders for over 200 countries.  Subscribers have access to one of four options:  1) Kluwer IP Law/Manual IP (Manual of Industrial Property, also known as the “Brown Book”); 2) Kluwer IP Law/Patent Law (includes the Manual IP); 3) Kluwer IP Law/Copyright & Trademark Law (includes the Manual IP); or 4) Kluwer IP Law (complete with all 3 modules:  Manual IP, Copyright & Trademark Law, and Patent Law).
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