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The Telecommunications Reports (TR) product suite on Cheetah™ provides timely, reliable, and comprehensive coverage of regulatory, legislative, policy, and business news covering the U.S. telecommunications sector all in one place. Plus, you can access and search the archives.

Your success or failure in the high-stakes telecom business depends not only on how well informed you are, but how timely you’re informed. And that is where TR has played a critical role for more than 80 years as a unique and trusted industry resource.

Telecommunications Report - Expert Analysis

Produced by accredited professional journalists, each with 10-20 years of experience covering communications sector regulatory and legislative news for legal and regulatory professionals, the TR product suite is comprised of the following publications:

  • Telecommunications Reports (Bi-weekly Print & Email)
  • TR Daily (Daily Email)
  • State NewsWire (Daily Email)
  • Cybersecurity Policy Report (Weekly Email)

Telecommunications Reports (TR)

Telecommunications Reports is the only publication that has covered every major communications issue, and has been read faithfully by leading industry decision-makers since 1934. Its reliable, thorough, and timely coverage and in-depth analysis of the communications business have made TR the industry's "journal of record" since it covered the very first FCC meeting more than six decades ago.

Telecommunications Report - Updates on Legal Issues
Telecommunications Report - Includes Daily News Update

TR Daily

Get same-day coverage of significant telecom business and policy developments – curated all in one place -- with TR Daily. TR Daily will keep you ahead of the curve on all vital telecom developments, market fluctuations, policy initiatives, and regulatory actions like no other news service so that you can react in time to even the late-breaking developments.

State NewsWire

TR's State NewsWire is the only news service offering precise, mission-critical intelligence on state and local telecom activity in all 50 states. TR's State NewsWire gives you a fresh dose of original, balanced reporting from our expert staff of reporters, researchers, and analysts.

  • Follow state PUC decisions, legislative actions and court rulings that affect the telecom industry's future. Track daily developments in competitive state and local markets. And gather valuable information on emerging state and local telecom issues each business day. Follow state PUC decisions, legislative actions, and court rulings that affect the telecom industry’s future
  • Track daily developments in competitive state and local markets
  • Gather valuable information on emerging state and local telecom issues each business day

Cybersecurity Policy Report

Cybersecurity Policy Report provides coverage of the latest network security policies, news, and requirements in one place. Receive detailed, unbiased reporting on legislation, regulation, and policy rulings that goes deeper than the surface-level to keep you fully informed. The report provides “early warning” coverage of policy developments, such as regulations as they are being proposed and legislation as it being drafted, to give you time to try to shape the debate, and prepare for any new policies.

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