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Introducing a new point-in-time solution from Wolters Kluwer

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Easily track tax law changes

Exclusively on Cheetah™, Standard Fed Plus provides a centralized location for tax professionals to efficiently monitor and understand U.S. federal tax statutory and regulatory changes with point-in-time analysis, redlining of changes and calendar features to help advisors research more quickly and better advise their clients.


New! Legislative Alerts

The pace and volume of legislative changes – from critical recent Acts (CARES, TCJA, etc.) - is greater than ever before. Leverage Wolters Kluwer’s pioneering and intuitive Legislative Alerts to receive proactive notification whenever a statute or regulation you are interested in changes or if a new update is issued. The intuitive interface aligns with your research workflow and enables you to configure alerts to follow a Code comprehensively or a regulation or document selectively.

Legislative Change Dashboard

Through its new Legislative Change Dashboard, Standard Fed Plus quickly summarizes IRC changes, as well as proposed and final regulations, allowing professionals to redline only when they know there is a change. Within the dashboard, attorneys can search by citation or filter changes by document title, section, document type or date to get to the information they need even faster and more reliably.

Point-in-time analysis

Standard Fed Plus instantly presents changes in laws, guidance, and related cases in point-in-time, which enables faster, more accurate research. Annotations and explanations for each point-in-time help reduce the complexity of regulatory change so you can accurately assess the impacts. 

Redlining comparison

Standard Fed Plus clearly redlines law changes to show the differences between federal tax laws, regulations, and commentary from one period to another, dating back to 1986 and on a continual basis going forward, which helps professionals research more efficiently. 

Standard Fed Plus Tax Law Redlining Feature

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