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A comprehensive SEC research and workflow tool that intelligently integrates the key content you need to boost productivity and ensure better legal practice.

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A trusted leader for law firms, corporate counsel, government and financial services firms

Effectively manage securities research and compliance tasks amid a changing regulatory environment. The completely redesigned RBsource and RBsourceFilings gives you fast, accurate answers to your organization’s most pressing concerns, providing a complete picture of the current law, whenever and wherever you need it.

Intelligent research, timely access, and authoritative content

RBsource and RBsourceFilings provide a powerful workflow solution that lets you intelligently integrate SEC filings to better assess and monitor policies, directives, and company disclosures in filings research and preparation. It consolidates disparate components of securities law and filings research into an intuitive, streamlined process to ensure greater value and efficiency for your firm and your clients.

Fast, accurate answers to your organization’s most pressing SEC concerns

Amid a rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment, law firms and their corporate clients, now more than ever, need to effectively manage disclosure and other compliance legal risks.

  • RBsource® – Laws & Regulations, SEC Guidance
  • RBsourceFilings  – SEC Filings, SEC No-Action Letters, SEC Staff Comment Letters, Law Firm Memos, and Private Placement Memoranda.

Helping legal professionals know what’s right

RBsource® starts with the trusted content of the Securities Act Handbook, (Red Book and Red Box), and intelligently integrates SEC guidance, such as Rulemaking Releases, C&DI, and SEC Manuals, into a single, powerful search and browse workflow tool.

  • Single View Access – Integrated, related content from rules, regulations, forms, and SEC Guidance
  • Curated content – Editorial Notes from our attorney editors provide vital background to changes in law, including links to related releases and implementation dates
  • Ease of Use– Search using plain English, Boolean, or by citation. Or browse by Laws, Rules, Regulations, Topics, or Favorites
  • Stay Current– Place alerts on rules, regulations, and forms to receive automated emails when a major change occurs.
  • Personalization– Add personal notes and highlights, and create favorites.
  • Productivity Tools– Manage research and access previous search results with print, email, history, and save capabilities.
  • Portability and Anytime Access– Online access lets you take your “Redbook” wherever you go, whenever you need it.

Extend your legal workflow and research process

RBsourceFilings extends the productivity of RBsource with integrated EDGAR Filings, Law Firm Memos, Private Placements, SEC No-Action Letters, and SEC Comment Letters to give you a complete view of the regulatory disclosure landscape.

Through intelligent content integration and editorially created topic relationships, the system surfaces both SEC Filings and the legal and regulatory materials vital to understanding those filings. Using powerful search and post search filters, practitioners can quickly find the targeted results they need.

Get the insight you need in minutes, not hours

With a simple, intuitive dashboard, point-and-click interface, and a rapid download feature, the information you need is instantly accessible. 


For its content, RBsource is the best product I’ve seen on the market. It’s everything the Red Book was, in a more intuitive, accessible and more readily searchable format.

Simon M. Lorne, Vice Chairman and Chief Legal Officer, Millennium Management LLC
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