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Provides in-depth coverage of state Unemployment Insurance Laws and regulations. With all the facts and data about taxes and benefits under major subject categories, and expert "plain English" explanations, analyses and indexes, there is no other product that offers the same scope of coverage. Further customize your research by choosing all, or a portion of, state material.

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  • Checklists of Forms
  • State Unemployment Insurance Cases
  • Lists of Administrative Personnel
  • State Disability Benefits
  • Unemployment Insurance State Explanatory Guides
  • Unemployment Insurance State Laws and Regulations
  • CCH explanations and analysis of key information regarding tax returns, recordkeeping benefits, and experience ratings provide you with tips on actualizing tax savings.
  • Uniform organization of explanations discussing each state's unemployment insurance programs — complete with full text of pertinent laws and regulations — provides you with an easy-ro-use state reference and facilitates state-by-state comparisons.
  • Full-text of court decisions and administrative rulings
  • Detailed discussions of other current matters such as the legal considerations surrounding independent contractors, taxable wage base information, the tax implications associated with mergers and acquisitions, avoiding benefit charges by contesting questionable benefit claims and much more!
  • Handy practical tools such as checklists, charts and tables help you to organize your efforts.
  • Electronic subscriptions provide the ease and efficiency of CCH Searching. CCH's powerful search engine makes your research effortless, with special tools to help target your search and boost your efficiency. No matter which electronic format you choose, you can apply sophisticated criteria from one convenient search screen and pinpoint the information you need in no time.
  • Monthly updates ensure you're always seeing the latest information.
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