Tax Planning for International Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Restructurings Online

This market leading resource is an essential guide for international tax counsel, corporate and financial services attorneys, and corporate planning and compliance professionals Tax Planning for International Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and Restructurings will help the practitioner to:
  • Develop a working knowledge of the salient aspects of the relevant law across a broad range of global jurisdictions with the unique mixture of context and actionable guidance;
  • Adapt to changing market conditions and client’s needs with comprehensive expert guidance on international tax aspects of both expansion and contraction;
  • Confidently maximise global market opportunities with practical solutions designed to maximise effective tax planning and compliance, whilst minimizing risks and reducing costs;
  • Optimise the decision making process in key areas such as due diligence, capital raising, securitization and tax efficient structuring of deals. Planning checklists layout key criteria to aid efficient implementation.
Tax Planning for International Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and Restructurings is an incomparable resource offering:

  • Market leading coverage of the complex tax aspects of international expansion and contraction
  • Holistic approach to tax planning that combines the legal parameters with compliance realities and planning opportunities
  • Unique detailed country profiles written by local expert authors that highlight key areas of concern and discuss the implementation of potential solutions
  • Practical guidance to support the assessment, strategizing and implementation of international transactions

The work is of immeasurable value in assessing, strategizing, and implementing international transactions while also allowing quick comparison of key tax aspects in major jurisdictions. Addressing an important information gap in an area of widespread commercial concern, this incomparable resource will be welcomed by international tax counsel, corporate and financial services attorneys, and corporate planning and compliance professionals.

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Each country profile follows the same structure to allow for fast identification of the key aspects of each tax regime and efficient comparison of critical subject specific data: ;
  • Introduction
  • Taxable Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Tax-free Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Attribute Preservation and Usage
  • Due Diligence and Contractual Tax Protection
  • Financing and Debt Pushdown Strategies
  • Dealing with Compensation Plans
  • Grouping
  • Planning with Intangibles
  • Internal Restructuring Involving Target
  • Target Breakup or Other Disposition of Unwanted Assets
  • Demergers
  • Subsidiary Liquidations
  • Joint Ventures
  • Equity and Debt Restructuring
  • Corporate Expatriations
  • Business Restructuring
  • Corporation as Acquisition Vehicle for Foreign Target
Expert coverage that you can rely on for each jurisdiction: Argentina - Gabriel Gotlib and Fernando M. Vaquero Australia - Richard Hendriks and Joshua Cardwell Belgium - Werner Heyvaert Brazil - Ricardo Luiz Becker and Flávio Veitzman Canada - Robert Kopstein, Janette Pantry, Kirsten Kjellander, Soraya M. Jamal, Chris Van Loan, Sabrina Wong and Josh Jones People’s Republic of China - Stephen Nelso Finland - Janne Juusela and Sanna Lindqvist France - Sophie Jouniaux, Agnes Charpenet, Michael Khayat, Xavier Berre and David Caupers Germany - Stephan Eilers and Martin Schiessl India - Shefali Goradia Italy - Riccardo Michelutti Japan - Eric N. Roose, Takeo Mizutani and Michael H. Shikuma Republic of Korea -Soo-Jeong Ahn, John Jangwoon Kwak and Jin Soo Soh Mexico - Jose Carlos Silva The Netherlands - M.J.M. van der Weijden, M.E. Lukkien and M. Sada Garibay Spain - Sonia Velasco, Javier Asensio and Marti Adroer Sweden - Peter Utterström and Daniel Gustafsson Switzerland - Raoul Stocker, Daniel Lehmann, Raoul Stocker and Peter Reinarz United Kingdom - Patrick Mears United States - Peter H. Blessing and Ansgar A. Simon.

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