State Unfair Trade Practices Law

State Unfair Trade Practices Law

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Individual states began enacting laws targeting unfair trade practices as a basic remedy against fraud, deception, and abuse in the market place. While these acts were originally created to protect individual consumers, the legislatures and courts have expanded many statutes to protect businesses making purchases of goods and services as well.

The CCH State Unfair Trade Practices Law is your definitive reference guide to unfair trade practice laws. With it, you'll research more efficiently. Included are a topically-arranged explanation of key legal issues, state-by-state summaries, full text of the state laws, pending legislation and full-text coverage of court decisions interpreting the laws. Subscribe today to:

  • Avoid damage awards, costly fines and litigation that could devastate your organization
  • Understand laws relating to consumer law, deceptive practices, consumer protection, unfair trade practice and how to use these laws to protect your company or clients
  • Save countless hours of research time with our comprehensive guide, convenient indexing and headnoted case reporting
  • Know that you have access to up-to-date statutes and the most current developments
  • Maintain your competitive advantage within legal parameters for the states in which you do business
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  • Types of state unfair trade practice acts
  • Elements of a violation
  • Applicability and exceptions for specific businesses
  • Activities subject to special rules
  • Standing to sue, class actions, statutes of limitations
  • Remedies
State-by-State Summaries
  • Analysis of all state and territorial unfair trade practice laws on more than 20 legal issues
Pending Legislation
  • Summaries and status of pending state legislation
  • Checklist of bills that became law
State Laws
  • Full text of all state and territorial unfair trade practice laws
New Developments
  • Full-text reporting of court decisions interpreting the laws and other new developments
  • Topical indexes
  • Case tables
  • Finding lists
Report Letter
  • Monthly Report Letters summarize developments included in the report and highlight other important information

Access state laws, legal analysis and court decisions in a single volume - CCH State Unfair Trade Practices Law brings together all relevant material in one comprehensive resource. If you currently find yourself using dozens of sources to keep up on developments in multiple states, your subscription will quickly pay for itself in time savings alone.

Compare key legal issues from state to state - Every state has at least one unfair trade practice statute. If you or your clients do business in multiple states, you need to be aware of the law in each state, as well as pending legislation and court decisions that may affect the future of your business. Now you can easily compare legislation in multiple jurisdictions. State-by-state summaries analyze the laws of all 50 states with regard to more than 20 legal issues, such as:

  • Statutory prohibition
  • Scope of statute
  • Prohibited activities
  • Exemptions and defenses
  • Federal precedent
  • Jurisdiction
  • Mediation
  • Settlement requirements
  • Statue of limitations
  • Private rights and remedies
  • Public rights and remedies
  • Administrative rules or regulations
  • State secondary discussion
  • Be certain your information is complete and accurate - CCH's State Unfair Trade Practices Law helps ensure that you stay up-to-date. You'll get our monthly Report Letter, which includes legislative updates, new court decisions and summaries of key issues and changes in the law that might affect you or your clients.