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Federal securities laws are designed to protect the interests of investors and the public through disclosure requirements and restrictions against fraud and manipulative practices. They govern companies issuing securities to the public, individuals who buy and sell those securities, investment advisors, holding companies and investment companies.

Rules and forms containing disclosure and accounting requirements for registration and reporting are under continuous scrutiny by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), resulting in ongoing rulemaking. It is imperative for anyone involved with securities to stay current on these constantly changing regulations. The CCH SEC Docket covers various SEC releases under the securities acts and ensures you're up to date. Subscribe today to:

  • Receive SEC releases from the last 60 years to today's latest
  • Empower your research with outstanding search capabilities
  • Simplify research with the user-friendly Topical Index
  • Locate releases numerically in the release Lists

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  • Interpretive Releases
  • Financial Reporting Releases
  • Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
  • Litigation Releases
  • International Series Releases
  • Rulings
  • Opinions
  • Commission Actions
  • Exemptive Orders, Notices and Decisions
  • Proposed Rulemaking Changes
  • Staff Accounting Bulletins
  • Initial Decisions
  • Self-Regulatory Decisions
  • Administrative Decisions

Have the full range of new and historical SEC releases at your fingertips - The Internet version of SEC Docket provides the full text of all SEC releases, rulings, opinions and official Commission actions from 1973 to present and select significant items dating back to 1937. That's over 60 years of SEC releases at the click of a mouse!

In the print edition, you get one volume that holds all current SEC releases with updates each week. Current updates are indexed by Act and significant releases are highlighted on the first page of each issue, ensuring you know about changes as soon as possible.

Find information most pertinent to you with comprehensive coverage and searching capabilities - The Internet version lets you search by release number, key word, CCH paragraph, plus other search options--to make locating information quick and easy. A legal thesaurus designed specifically for CCH content ensures you capture all relevant releases.

After every 20 issues of the print version, you'll receive the following:

  • Topical index for a quick research path to the particular subject you're researching
  • Case table listing all litigation releases and opinions of the Commission to locate the full-text release by the name of the case or administrative action
  • Release lists cataloguing releases under each Act by number

Exclusive to the electronic products, selected headnotes from the Federal Securities Law Reporter are appended to major releases.