Quick Reference to European VAT Compliance Online

This publication is available online with a subscription to Kluwer International Tax Law. It includes quarterly online updates.

Quick Reference to European VAT Compliance provides highly practical content including timely, country-specific profiles and field tested insights, prepared by experts at Deloitte’s highly regarded European Indirect Tax Compliance Centre. Quick Reference to European VAT Compliance is designed to provide the information necessary to deal with common compliance challenges by way of a format that allows readers to readily locate pertinent guidance when needed. Wherever possible, each section of the Guide is designed to stand on its own so it can be consulted without the need to read additional content. Quick Reference to European VAT Compliance distills the problem-solving process by anticipating the relevant challenges and providing reliable guidance. Quick Reference to European VAT Compliance is designed around two major sections:

  • Overview (16 chapters) of how the various VAT systems in Europe work, particularly from a compliance perspective;
  • Detailed country-specific VAT compliance profiles covering 30 nations.






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Part One:

1 About this Guide

2 Background to VAT in Europe

3 VAT Treatment of Transactions

4 VAT Rates in the EU

5 Specialized Areas in Cross-Border Trade

6 The System of VAT Registration

7 VAT Registration: Special Areas of Concern

8 VAT Accounting Obligations

9 VAT Invoicing Requirements

10 Recordkeeping Requirements

11 Periodic VAT Reporting Obligations

12 Periodic Intrastat Declarations

13 VAT Audits

14 Providing VAT Exemptions for Exports and Intra-Community Supplies

15 VAT Refunds for Non-Registered Companies

Part Two: Country Profiles Each of the 30 country profiles will examine four key areas in detail:

1 The obligation to register

2 Requirements regarding fiscal representatives

3 VAT registration and deregistration

4 VAT, European Sales Listing and Intrastat reporting obligations

Countries Profiled: 

1 Austria

2 Belgium

3 Bulgaria

4 Cyprus

5 Czech Republic

6 Denmark

7 Estonia

8 Finland

9 France

10 Germany

11 Greece

12 Hungary

13 Ireland

14 Italy

15 Latvia

16 Lithuania

17 Luxembourg

18 Malta

19 Poland

20 Portugal

21 Romania

22 Slovakia

23 Slovenia

24 Spain

25 Sweden

26 The Netherlands

27 United Kingdom

28 Iceland

29 Norway

30 Switzerland



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