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This will be your trusted online research library for all areas of domestic and international patent law practice—including prosecution, litigation and licensing! This integrated library contains all the best Aspen expert-authored, analytical treatises, and links to primary source material, such as cases, laws, and statutes. The library also includes current awareness from weekly email alerts of patent cases as well as articles from our IP periodicals. Also available to add to the library are invaluable Kluwer Law International resources, the Manual Industrial Property and the Patents!

The Patent Law Library includes the following:

Current Developments & Awareness with weekly email alerts from the Federal Circuit Review by Alston & Byrd as well as selected articles from top intellectual property journals from Aspen Publishers such as The Licensing Journal, Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal, IP Litigator and The Computer and Internet Lawyer.

Primary Source material from the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and the Patent Act.

Patent Prosecution, Litigation, Licensing/Transactions and Forms components with 13 popular treatise titles from Aspen Publishers including Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Patents: Law and Practice by Marc S. Gross, S. Peter Ludwig and Robert C. Sullivan Jr.; Business Method Patents by Gregory A. Stobbs, Esq.; Patent Practice Forms, by Peter S. Canelias; Patent Claim Construction by Robert C. Kahrl; Patent Disputes: Litigation Forms and Analysis by Gregory J. Grimes and Charles W. Grimes . . .plus much more!

Kluwer Law International content including Manual of Industrial Propert y and patents are available as add-ons.

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  • Analytical material is linked to primary source material to allow for seamless and efficient research
  • Forms finder provides many sample forms that can be tailored to different situations making this not only a research, but drafting tool
  • Organization of material by how an attorney works – prosecution, litigation and licensing/transaction makes it easy to search the material
  • Weekly email alert provides timely reporting of Federal Circuit patent cases so that the attorney has knowledge of the latest developments that could affect his/her clients cases or transactions

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