OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual

OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual

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Get quick and easy access to text, cases and the affirmative action rules concerning gender, disability, race and veteran status that apply to federal contractors. The OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual can be used as a guide to understanding government enforcement procedures, a uniform body of standards for supervisors and staff, or as a reference source to resolve questions of policy.

Not only does the Manual provide analysis of recent cases and new developments in regulations, policies and procedures, affirmative strategies and results, and sanctions and debarments, but it also offers insight into what the agency looks for when checking on compliance with affirmative action rules, and provides Department of Labor decisions concerning contractor compliance.

The Manual:

  • Defines and explains compliance language.
  • Outlines investigation procedures used by the OFCCP.
  • Provides easy access to regulations, directives, and cases.
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  • Desk Audits
  • Onsite Review
  • Compliance Review
  • Corporate Management Reviews
  • Complaints
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Noncompliance
  • Forms and Records Management
  • Directives
  • New Developments
  • New Developments which include new directives, cases, and policy information that impact what federal contractors have to do to stay in compliance.
  • Current Reports provides news and analysis of recent cases and new developments in policies and procedures, affirmative strategies and results, and sanctions and debarments.
  • Full text of related directives, forms and regulations.
  • Full text of selected administrative and court decisions.
  • Case tables help you to organize your efforts and be more productive.
  • Terms and abbreviations explaining commonly used terms to help you understand and comply with the rules.
  • Noncompliance resolution strategies outline the procedures used to resolve violations.
  • Quarterly newsletter contains updates on OFCCP settlements and litigation, policy initiatives, audit practices, regulations and case law.
  • The manual contains the procedures that OFCCP compliance officers must follow when conducting compliance evaluations, including standards for desk and onsite audits as well as corporate management (i.e. "glass ceiling")
  • Coverage includes requirements for supply and service contractors as well as construction contractors.
  • The print reporter's organization and finding aids help you locate information quickly and easily. Paragraph and page numbers are used throughout for indexing, citing, and cross-referencing. Plus tabbed sections, tables of contents, and various indices help you search efficiently and successfully every time.
  • Electronic subscriptions provide the ease and efficiency of CCH Searching. CCH's powerful search engine makes your research effortless, with special tools to help target your search and boost your efficiency. No matter which electronic format you choose, you can apply sophisticated criteria from one convenient search screen and pinpoint the information you need in no time.
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