As the official publisher for a dozen exchanges, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Financial Services company, is recognized as the authority on the complex world of stock and options exchanges.

The NASDAQ Manual continues that long tradition as your comprehensive, up-to-date guide. to the rules and bylaws of the Exchange.

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Rules of NASDAQ
General Provisions
Membership and Registration Rules
Conduct Rules
  • Business Conduct
  • Responsibilities Relating to Associated Persons, Employees, and Others¿ Employees

  • Marketplace Rules
  • The NASDAQ Stock Market
  • Marketplace Rules ¿ Listed Companies Only
  • Other NASDAQ Markets
  • Other Systems and Programs
  • Charges for Membership, Services, and Equipment

  • Procedural Rules
  • Investigations and Sanctions
  • Code of Procedure
  • Code of Arbitration Procedure
  • Uniform Practice Code

  • NASDAQ Stock Market LLC Bylaws
  • Article I Definitions
  • Article II Annual Election of Member Representative Directors and Other Actions by NASDAQ Members
  • Article III Board of Directors and Committee Members
  • Article IV Officers, Agents, and Employees
  • Article V NASDAQ Listing and Hearing Review Council
  • Article VI NASDAQ Review Council
  • Article VII Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Article VIII Amendments; Emergency By-Laws
  • Article IX Exchange Authorities

  • NASDAQ Stock Market Inc Bylaws
  • Article I Definitions
  • Article II Offices
  • Article III Meetings of Stockholders
  • Article IV Board of Directors
  • Article V NASDAQ Listing and Hearing Review Council
  • Article VI Compensation
  • Article VII Officers, Agents, and Employees
  • Article VIII Indemnification
  • Article IX Capital Stock
  • Article X Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Article XI Amendments; Emergency By-Laws
  • Learn the rules and policies of the Exchange
    As the official publication of NASDAQ, the Manual provides the complete By-laws, Rules and policies governing the day-to-day, as well as the regulatory activities of the Exchange and its members.

    Keep pace with ongoing changes
    Subscribers to the Manual will receive monthly updates with an accompanying Report Letter, keeping them informed of the latest changes and developments and providing expert insight into the changes and trends most impacting the world of the Exchange.

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