Mortgage Compliance Guide-National

The CCH Mortgage Compliance Guide provides coverage of state and federal mortgage lending regulations. With up-to-date reporting on all key mortgage legislation and full coverage of important industry trends, the Mortgage Compliance Guide is a "must have" for residential mortgage lenders and brokers. Subscribe today to:

  • Access full-text state and federal mortgage laws and regulations
  • Research all licensing, fee, disclosure and reporting requirements
  • Stay updated on the latest regulatory changes and industry news

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  • Selected Federal laws
  • All States
  • Central States
  • Northeast States
  • Southern States
  • Western States

Gain a greater understanding of all federal mortgage laws - The key relationship between state and federal law requires a clear grasp of important federal law. From Fair Housing regulations to Settlement Procedures to Truth In Lending statutes, the Mortgage Compliance Guide covers it all.

  • CCH searching provides all the tools to complete targeted searches from one convenient screen.
  • Full text of cited state laws and regulations
  • Four regional modules (Northeastern, Southern, Central and Western) allow you to select only those portions you need.
  • This product provides state-by-state coverage of current state mortgage law and regulations.
  • Product is updated monthly.
  • Product covers residential mortgage law and regulations only
  • Mainly covers Primary Mortgages, but if a state has separate Secondary Mortgage regulations, these are included.
  • Product does not contain forms or individual contact information for a state's real estate offices
  • Product does not contain material on federal level regulations or programs, (such as FHA or VA) but does make reference to them if a particular state law does not apply to these types of loans.

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