Managing Contract Changes

Managing Contract Changes by Gregory A. Garrett

Managing Contract Changes

By Gregory A. Garrett
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Chapter 1 discusses the turbulent times we live in and how vital it is to properly and cost-effectively manage government contracts and the changes to those contracts.  Chapter 2 provides a thoughtful discussion of contract interpretation guidelines, which can be helpful in understanding contract requirements verses true contract changes.  Chapter 3 provides a simple yet proven effective six-step contract changes management process, which can be used by U.S. government departments and agencies as well as government contractors to achieve success.  Chapters 4 through 6 discuss unique and critical aspects of U.S. government contract changes, namely: the Federal Acquisition Regulation Changes Clause, Value Engineering Change Proposals, constructive changes, unauthorized commitments, and ratification.  Chapters 7 through 9 focus on negotiating, awarding, and implementing contract changes. These chapters also discuss the contractor’s right to seek/request an equitable adjustment for unilateral contract changes and the requirements for processing contract claims with the U.S. government.  Chapters 10 and 11 provide an interesting and comprehensive review of what actions can and should be taken by government contractors to mitigate the risk of litigation in contracts and contract changes and closeout and/or terminate contracts and related contract changes.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  Managing Contract Changes In Turbulent Times

Chapter 2:  Contract Change Management Process

Chapter 3:  Contract Interpretation Guidelines

Chapter 4:  Contract Changes Clause

Chapter 5:  Unauthorized Commitments, Constructive Changes, & Ratification

Chapter 6:  Pricing Contract Changes

Chapter 7:  Negotiating Contract Changes

Chapter 8:  Request for Equitable Adjustments and Contract Claims

Chapter 9:  Mitigating the Risk of Litigation

Chapter 10:  Contract Terminations & Closeout

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Gregory A. Garrett is a respected international educator, best-selling author, acclaimed business consultant, expert witness, and practicing industry leader. He has successfully led more than $35 Billion of high-technology contracts and projects during the past 30+ years. He has taught, consulted, and led contract and project teams in more than 40 countries. He has served as a lecturer for The George Washington University Law School and the School of Business and Public Management. He is the President and CEO, of Garrett Consulting Services International.

At Artel LLC, Mr. Garrett served as the Senior Vice President Operations, responsible for the P&L of a $250 Million global Information Technology, Cyber Security, Telecommunications, and Satellite Communications firm. He led the capture of over $1.5 Billion in new contracts and the doubling of company profits.

At Navigant Consulting, Mr. Garrett served as the Managing Director, Public Sector, responsible for the P&L of over $100 Million and leading a large team of top Information Technology and Financial Management consultants in providing a wide range of professional services to: more than 20 U.S. Federal Government agencies, to over 50 Fortune 500 companies, and expert witness services to numerous major law firms.

At Acquisition Solutions Inc., Mr. Garrett served as the Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the P&L of a $50 Million professional services and consulting company which provided contract management, supply chain management, program management, cost estimating, and information technology services to over 30 U.S. Federal Government agencies.

At Lucent Technologies, Mr. Garrett served as Chief Compliance Officer, Vice President Business Development, Vice President, Program Management, North America, Wireless. He also served as Chairman, Lucent Technologies Project Management Leadership Council, representing more than 2,000 Lucent project managers globally, and Director, Global Program Management Office at the company headquarters supporting $20 Billion of Information Technology and Telecommunication projects worldwide.

At ESI International, Mr. Garrett served as Executive Director of Global Business for a $100 Million global consulting and training firm, where he led the sales, marketing, negotiation, and implementation of bid/proposal management, project management, commercial contracting, and government contract management training and consulting programs for numerous Fortune 100 multinational corporations, government agencies and small businesses worldwide, including: ABB, AT&T, BellSouth, Boeing, IBM, Inter-America Development Bank, Israel Aircraft Industries, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, NCR, NTT, Panama Canal Commission, SBC, United States Trade Development Agency, United Nations, and the United States Department of Defense.

Formerly, Mr. Garrett served as a highly decorated military officer for the United States Air Force, awarded more than 17 medals, badges, and citations. He completed his active duty career as the youngest Acquisition Action Officer, in the Colonel’s Group Headquarters USAF, the Pentagon. He was the youngest Division Chief and Professor of Contracting Management at the Air Force Institute of Technology where he taught advanced courses in contract administration and program management to more than 5,000 people from the Department of Defense and NASA. Previously, he was the youngest Procurement Contracting Officer for the USAF Aeronautical Systems Center, where he led more than 50 multi-million dollar negotiations and managed the contract administration of over $15 billion in contracts for major weapon systems. He served as a Program Manager at the Space Systems Center, where he managed a $300 million space communications project.

Mr. Garrett is a Certified Professional Supply Manager of the Institute for Supply Management. He is a Certified Project Management Professional of the Project Management Institute and has received the prestigious PMI Eric Jenett Project Management Excellence Award and the David Cleland Project Management Literature Award. He is a Certified Professional Contracts Manager, and a Fellow of the National Contract Management Association. He has received the NCMA National Achievement Award, NCMA National Educational Award, the NCMA Charles Delaney Literature Award, and the NCMA Blanche Witte Memorial Award for outstanding service to the contract management profession.

A prolific author, Mr. Garrett is the best-selling and award winning author of 22 published business books, which have sold millions of copies worldwide. He has also authored more than 100 published articles on bid/proposal management, supply chain management, contract management, cost estimating and contract pricing, project management, and leadership.

Mr. Garrett resides in Oakton, Virginia with his wife Carolyn. He is the proud father of three children - Christopher, Scott, and Jennifer.