Learning From High Reliability Organisations


Learning From High Reliability Organisations

By Andrew Hopkins
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This new title, Learning from High Reliability Organisations, is an in-depth analysis into what makes a high reliability organisation. Combining research from OHS experts, including Professor Andrew Hopkins, learn what these organisations are doing that enables them to operate safely and what your organisation can do to avoid hazards and disasters. Hopkins has been awarded a prize by the European Process Safety Centre for “extraordinary contribution to process safety”, the first time this has been awarded outside of Europe.

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Andrew Hopkins is Emeritus Professor in the School of Sociology at The Australian National University. He has a BSc and an MA from the Australian National University, a PhD from the University of Connecticut and is a Fellow of the Safety Institute of Australia. He has published widely across the field of organisational safety, authoring titles including the best-selling Wolters Kluwer titles Nightmare Pipeline Failures, Disastrous Decisions, Failure to Learn, Lessons from Longford, Lessons from Gretley, Learning from High Reliability Organisations and Safety, Culture and Risk. Andrew was the winner of the 2008 European Process Safety Centre safety award and speaks regularly to audiences around the world about the causes of major accidents.