Labor and Employment Law Handbook Online

Finding critical information on labor and employment law doesn't have to be an arduous, time-consuming job. Gordon Jackson's acclaimed Labor and Employment Law Handbook Online offers HR professionals, employment lawyers, and labor representatives fast, accurate answers to all their questions about compliance with federal and state labor law. Written in clear, straightforward language, with a minimum of legal jargon, this handy resource is the first place to start when researching any aspect of labor and employment law.

Labor and Employment Law Handbook Online is a convenient guide to federal and state laws pertaining to labor relations. Filled with useful tables of cases, this unique reference addresses the procedural guidelines of each law. It explains how to process a particular claim, charge, or lawsuit and discusses the various available defenses.

Labor and Employment Law Handbook covers the National Labor Relations Act and related federal laws…anti-discrimination laws and executive orders…wage and hour laws…safety and health laws…retirement, welfare, and privacy laws…and state labor laws in all 50 states.

Written from a neutral perspective for the benefit of both management-oriented and labor-oriented practitioners, Labor and Employment Law Handbook is a convenient, "go-anywhere" reference that provides easy-access information on all types of employment issues. This essential guide will help you keep your company in compliance with all federal and state employment laws - and avoid costly penalties.

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