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Protect yourself and your organization with the Journal of Health Care Compliance, your first practical source of information on how to avoid government inquiries and stay in compliance with health care laws and regulations. Our expert analysis and coverage of the latest developments in health care compliance are edited by Roy Snell, the President of HCCA (Health Care Compliance Association), and an editorial advisory board comprising professionals in the biggest law firms and integrated delivery systems in the country.

The Journal of Health Care Compliance is the authoritative source of current information for health care compliance professionals involved in or concerned about compliance. This journal provides a scope and depth not available in newsletters or more static publications. Current information on developments in the field as well as practical, real-world advice and tools for implementing and maintaining compliance in health care organizations are featured. In addition, the Journal features a one-on-one interview with a key compliance professional. Every issue features: how to information, industry leaders' view and analysis, trends and what to expect, guidance from leading compliance experts, profiles of best practices, answers to readers' questions and more!

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  • Billing and coding compliance
  • Risk assessment
  • Ethics
  • Analysis of recent settlements
  • Stark I & II physician referral laws
  • State law compliance, major state initiatives
  • Patients' rights legislation (state and federal)
  • Articles written for professionals by professionals ensures you get the whole picture while cutting throught the "legalese"
  • Real-life perspective from industry experts provides you with practical insights and proven strategies you can put to work right away from leaders in major associations and health care organizations including the AHA, AHIMA, HCCA, HFMA, VHA and more!
  • Customers with a subscription to the Health Care Compliance Reporter can link to cited primary source documents for additional information
  • Covers health care compliance in physician practices, hospitals, laboratories, managed care organizations, nursing homes, home health care, research facilities and academic medical centers so you get in-depth coverage of every aspect of compliance in every setting.
  • Bimonthly updates ensure you're always seeing the latest information
  • Also Available for Purchase:

    Endorsed by the Health Care Compliance Association, the Health Care Compliance Professional's Manual gives you the tools you need to plan and execute a customized program that meets federal and state standards. Written by experienced compliance practitioners and HCCA board members, the Health Care Compliance Professional's Manual provides expert insights on "must-know" legislative and regulatory matters, offers no-nonsense guidance on applying the laws and regulations, and spells out practical, "how-to" compliance solutions that professionals can put to work right away.

    The CCH Healthcare Compliance Reporter is a convenient and time-saving one-stop reference tool that brings you completely searchable full-text electronic reporting of compliance laws, regulations, and more. With daily updates via an IntelliConnect™ can be confident you're always working with the latest information. No more sorting through a mountain of print references. No more need for tedious, time-consuming Internet searches. An extensive array of documents addressing federal and state compliance issues comes right to your desktop!

    The CCH Healthcare Compliance Letter, bi-weekly, features news coverage and discussions on all the latest developments — in ALL the critical areas of compliance — in an easy-to-read resource. In addition to cutting-edge news and guidance on complex issues surrounding Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, you can look forward to "at-a-glance" information on other compliance "hot spots".

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