Japan Business Law Guide

This respected Guide provides comprehensive information on all laws relevant to doing business in Japan, from tax and contract law to intellectual property. It contains detailed writings on those aspects of Japanese commercial legal practice, which needs to be clearly understood by anyone doing or planning to do business in Japan or with Japanese enterprises. This guide is specially designed as a first step for every decision-making executive preparing to do business in Japan, as well as their advisers.
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  • Introduction to Japanese law

  • Commercial law
  • Taxation system
  • Economic regulation
  • Foreign trade
  • Contract law
  • Labor law

  • Social security law
  • Intellectual property law

  • Securities and banking law

  • Exchange control
  • Foreign investment
  • Commercial litigation
  • Arbitration

  • Precedents and forms
  • Insurance law
  • Tort law

  • Contains a selection of actual agreements used by foreign organizations, Japanese companies and authorities along with accompanying commentary

  • An informative summary accompanies each report and it provides you with a better understanding on major points in the update

  • Contains more than 350 pages and includes new translations of statutory forms and the text of actual business agreements
  • Available formats
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