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Contracts seal the fate of international transactions. Whether they stand on firm legal ground may hinge upon a minute detail. The Contracts subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws sheds light on "the fine print" in the world of contracts, helping ensure the viability (or probe the non-viability) of these detail-oriented instruments.

Contracts encompass the national monographs of a wide variety of countries, written by experts from those countries. Each national monograph is divided into two parts: the first addresses the general principles at issue, and the second covers the specific types of contracts. The work also addresses international aspects of contract law. The succinct yet scholarly quality of this resource and the practicality of the information provided make it a valuable time-saving tool for business and legal professionals. The updated supplements ensure a library that its resources will remain current on changes to legislation and policy in jurisdictions worldwide. For each jurisdiction the work provides: List of Abbreviations. Preface. General Introduction. Introduction to the Law of Contracts. Selected Bibliography

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Part I: General Principles of the Law of Contract 1. Formation. 2. Conditions of Substantive Validity. 3. The Contents of a Contract. 4. Privity of Contract. 5. The Termination of the Contract. 6. Remedies. Part II: Specific Contracts. 1. Agency. 2. Bailment. 3. Gaming and Wagering. 4. Sale of Goods. 5. Building Contracts, Hire of Work and Skills. 6. Lease, Commercial and Agricultural Leases. 7. Compromise Settlement. 8. Suretyship. 9. Pledge. 10. Loans. 11. Contracts with the Government and Other Public Administrations. 12. Contract of Partnership. 13. Quasi-Contracts. Current Contents FRONT MATTER: International Advisory Board; Encyclopaedias and Editors; Introducing the International Encyclopaedia of Laws; Curriculum Vitae of the General Editor. GENERAL SECTION: List of Contributors; Introducing the International Encyclopaedia of Contracts; Curriculum Vitae of the Editor. INTERNATIONAL MONOGRAPH: The 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, by Prof. J. Lookofsky. NATIONAL MONOGRAPHS: Argentina, by Prof. A. M. Garro; Australia, by Prof. J. W. Carter and Prof. A. Stewart; Austria, by Prof. Dr. W. Posch; Bangladesh, by Mr. M. Shafique; Belgium, by Prof. J. H. Herbots; Bulgaria, by Prof. K. Stoichev; Burundi, by Dr. M. Niyonzima; China, by Yao Liang Huang and Yi-Xin Chen; CISG, by Prof. Dr. J. Lookofsky; Denmark, by Prof. R. Nielsen; France, by Prof. J. Schmidt-Szalewski; Hellas, by Prof. M. P. Stathopoulos; Hong Kong, by Dr. P.-F. Sze and Ms. K-L Choy; Hungary, by Prof. G. Jobbágyi and Prof. J.Fazekas; India, by Dr. N. Bhadbhade; Ireland, by Prof. J. F. O’Connor and R.J. Friel; Israel, by Prof. G. Shalev; Italy, by Prof. P. G. Monateri, Dr. A. Musy, and F.A. Chiaves; Lithuania, by Prof. D. Mikeleniene & Prof. V. N Mikelenass; New Zealand, by Prof. S. Todd, Prof. J. Burrows and Prof. J. Finn; The Netherlands, by Prof. A. S. Hartkamp, M. M. M. Tillema and Ms. A. E. B. ter Heide; Nigeria, by Dr. J. A. Yakubu; Papua New Guinea, by Prof. Dr. D. Tennant; Romania, by Prof. R. Dinca; Singapore, by Dr. A. Phang; South Africa, by Prof. L.F. van Huyssteen, Prof. S.W.J. van der Merwe and Ms. C.J. Maxwell; Spain, by Prof. Dr. A. Vaquer; Sweden, by Prof. A. Adlercreutz; Turkey, by Prof. K. Oguzman; Uganda, by Ms. J. Laker Apechu and Ms. D. Angom Apita; Vietnam, by Le Net.

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