Health Care Organizations Risk Management: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines

The how-to, practical guide to health care risk management.

HealthCare Organizations Risk Management: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines provides practical information on protecting your health care organization and staff, offering concise guidance on the basics of risk management.

The 2007 edition includes:

  • Case studies, sample tools, forms, checklists, policies, procedures and guidelines that can be applied to various health care organizations such as hospitals, physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, hospice, home health, integrated health systems and acute care facilities
  • Background information and case examples that provide you with an applied context for the supplied tools, guidelines and checklists
  • Practical suggestions in such key risk management areas as communications, collaboration with key stakeholders in health care organizations, patient safety and education
  • Discussion of the relationship between health care risk management and infection control, safety and security
  • An expanded discussion of accreditation and certification programs
  • New material on disaster preparedness, technology, and information management, all written from the vantage point of the clinical risk manager

Part of the Health Law & Compliance Integrated Library, Health Care Organizations Risk Management: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines links to the primary source material in the CCH Health Care Compliance Reporter. The Library combines the latest information regarding Health Law from CCH and Aspen Publishers.

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  • Risk Management Fundamentals
  • Relationship of Risk Management with Other Operational Programs
  • Accreditation, Certification and Risk Management
  • Safety and Security
  • Technology Risks
  • Consent to Treatment
  • Risk Management of Health Information
  • Patient Safety and Risk Management
  • Infection Control
  • Credentialing, Certification and Risk Management
  • Claims Management
  • Applying Clinical Risk Management Principles

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