Global Trends In Mediation, Second Edition

Global Trends In Mediation, Second Edition by Nadja Alexander

Global Trends In Mediation, Second Edition

By Nadja Alexander
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In its first edition, Global Trends in Mediation was the first book to concentrate on mediation from a comparative perspective - reaching beyond the all-too-familiar Anglo-American view - and as such has enjoyed wide practical use among alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practitioners worldwide. This new edition has not only been updated throughout; it has also added two new jurisdictions (France and Quebec) and a very useful comparative table summarising the salient points from each of the fourteen jurisdictional chapters.

The unique value of the book for practitioners resides in (among other things) the following:

• coverage of both common law and civil law jurisdictions;

• attention to the diversity of legal cultures and systems on four continents;

• a richer analysis of mediation models, standards, laws and practices than is available in other publications; and

• a much wider spectrum of mediation laws and approaches worldwide than is traditional in comparative studies.

A comprehensive introductory chapter establishes an international comparative framework for an analysis of the national chapters that follow, synthesising the main themes of the book and analysing global and systemic trends.

"Global Trends is a book which provides a comprehensive overview of mediation in 14 jurisdictions.........As well as being a wonderful resource, it provides a context for valuing and challenging the familiar mediation systems of home, wherever that may be."

"Global Trends in Mediation is a book which contributes significantly to the emergence of a 'collective consciousness' of mediation while enabling a glocalisation of the mediation movement: 'think globally, act locally. It is a book to be re-read for new information, nuances and inspiration as each topical issue arises."

Margaret Halsmith in ADR Bulletin February 2007 (Vol 9 Number 5)

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    Introduction. Australia. Austria. Canada. Denmark. England and Wales. France. Germany. Italy. The Netherlands. Quebec. Scotland. South Africa. Switzerland. The United States. Comparative Table.


Nadja Alexander is an award winning author and educator, a conflict intervention professional, and an adviser on mediation policy to international bodies and national governments.

Nadja is Academic Director of the Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy and Visiting Professor of Law at Singapore Management University. Her work has appeared in the English, German, French, Arabic, Russian and Chinese languages. 

Nadja has worked in conflict resolution settings in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania. She sits on mediation panels in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia and is a board member of the Singapore International Mediation Institute and Vice-Chair of the IBA Mediation Committee.

Nadja holds concurrent appointments as Honorary Professor of Law at The University of Queensland, Australia, and Senior Fellow of the Dispute Resolution Institute at Mitchell-Hamline School of Law in the United States. She was previously a Humboldt Fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.