Global Trends in Dispute Resolution Series

Global Trends in Dispute Resolution Series

Edited by Nadja Alexander
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Global Trends in Dispute Resolution offers readers a garden rich in ideas and insights into contemporary dispute resolution principles, processes, and practices. The series leads the way in first-class debate and analysis of dispute resolution trends across our rapidly globalizing world. More particularly, it analyzes dispute resolution developments in various geographical regions around the world and in relation to diverse transnational practice areas. These practice areas include not only well-established legal categories such as intellectual property, construction, and resources law, but also emerging dispute resolution developments ranging from dispute systems design to cross-border mediation in private and public law.

With a particular focus on new initiatives and ADR practices, the Global Trends in Dispute Resolution series aims to provide practitioners, scholars, policy-makers, and ‘pracademics’ (that elusive yet rapidly emerging category of practical academics and academically-oriented practitioners – you know who you are) with the resources both to cultivate the dispute resolution gardens of the world and to explore new paths within and beyond them.

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Nadja Alexander is an award winning author and educator, a conflict intervention professional, and an adviser on mediation policy to international bodies and national governments.

Nadja is Academic Director of the Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy and Visiting Professor of Law at Singapore Management University. Her work has appeared in the English, German, French, Arabic, Russian and Chinese languages. 

Nadja has worked in conflict resolution settings in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania. She sits on mediation panels in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia and is a board member of the Singapore International Mediation Institute and Vice-Chair of the IBA Mediation Committee.

Nadja holds concurrent appointments as Honorary Professor of Law at The University of Queensland, Australia, and Senior Fellow of the Dispute Resolution Institute at Mitchell-Hamline School of Law in the United States. She was previously a Humboldt Fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.