Franchise Regulation and Damages

Franchise Regulation and Damages

By Byron E. Fox, Bruce S. Schaeffer
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The first franchise regulation publication that converts liability into damages and dollars! Franchise Regulation and Damages has been written for both the novice franchise practitioner as well as the legal experts. Useful as a review or a desk book, keep this ready resource as a reference for any complex franchise research.

This practical treatise explains how:

  • Franchise law works
  • Damages are computed
  • Litigation risks are assessed
  • Clients are defended against baseless claims
  • This resource reviews topics seldom covered in franchise law research while going directly to the heart of franchise disputes. Written for all professionals who need to confront damage computation, valuation and the effective use of expert testimony, Franchise Regulation and Damages provides straight-forward, concise explanations while eliminating the fears associated with the mathematical rigors of how damages are measured and how franchise businesses are valued.

    Franchise Regulation and Damages covers the area¿s hottest topics, providing clarity on many of franchising¿s most important issues, including:

  • Marketing franchises
  • Territorial disputes
  • Termination and renewal
  • Pricing and product distribution
  • Mergers of franchise companies
  • Valuation of the franchise
  • Damages for future royalties

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Part 1: Regulation
Chapter 1 Introduction to Franchising
Chapter 2 Disclosure and Registration
Chapter 3 State Franchise Relationship Laws
Chapter 4 Antitrust Issues in Franchising
Chapter 5 Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 6 Franchise Litigation

Part 2: Damages
Chapter 7 Introduction and Theory of Damages
Chapter 8 Franchisor Damages, Remedies
Chapter 9 Lanham Act
Chapter 10 Franchisee Damages, Remedies
Chapter 11 Little FTC Acts
Chapter 12 Fraud
Chapter 13 Lost Profits
Chapter 14 Encroachment
Chapter 15 Torts
Chapter 16 Antitrust Violations
Chapter 17 Wrongful Termination
Chapter 18 Punitive Damages
Chapter 19 Attorneys' Fees

Part 3: Valuation and Expert Testimony
Chapter 20 Valuation of Franchises
Chapter 21 Expert Testimony

Table of Cases
Last Report Letter

  • Explanation of franchise laws and regs to satisfy beginners and experts Litigation issues covered including damages and remedies offers important answers in the complex areas of franchising
  • Valuation tables for computing damages are not available from any other resource
  • Extensive cross referencing to the Business Franchise Guide, the bible of the industry, allows users access to full text laws, regs, cases and explanations
  • Table of Cases is indexed for ease of reference and use
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