Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reporter - Opinions, Orders, and Decisions Edition

The CCH Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reporter — Opinions, Orders, and Decisions consists of two comprehensive volumes that provide you with coverage of interstate aspects of the electric power and natural gas industries, as well as oil pipelines. The looseleaf volumes are the only print source these materials with pagination that provides the basis for official FERC citations.

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  • Obtain exact reproductions of official FERC issuances designated for publication and other important information from FERC housed in one convenient location
  • Research key issues in the public utility area including FERC policies and decisions on deregulation and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and regional transmission organizations
  • Receive updates delivered directly to you along with a Report Letter that highlights the progress of current energy policies and trends
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Opinions, Orders, Decisions Volume:
  • Topical Index
  • Table of Cases
  • Tables of Case Numbers
  • Commission Opinions, Orders and Notices
  • Office Director Orders
  • ALJ Decisions and Reports

  • Cumulative Indices Volume:
  • How to Use this Manual
  • Topical Index, Table of Cases, Docket Numbers, Opinions Numbers, Order Numbers and Project Numbers for 82 FERC — 101 FERC and 102 FERC through latest transfer binder (previous Cumulative Indices housed in transfer binder)

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reporter — Opinions, Orders and Decisions edition includes FERC opinions, orders and notices, Office Director Orders and Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) decisions in one convenient location. Anyone in the electric power, natural gas and oil pipeline industries will find this resource invaluable.

Stay current with updates that bring the latest FERC information directly to you — With your subscription to the Opinions, Orders and Decisions edition, you will receive updates each week (print and Internet subscribers) consisting of recently issued FERC Opinions, Orders and Decisions. As an added feature, you'll also get a Report Letter summarizing those developments and highlighting important news.

Track and keep up-to-date with industry trends and the latest developments — With the Opinions, Orders and Decisions edition you can follow all the decisions FERC makes relative to the establishment of Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs), as well as those regarding the regulation of proposed mergers. In Order 2000, issued in December of 1999, the Commission encouraged the establishment of RTOs to facilitate competition in the electric industry. Since the issuance of Order 888 in May 1996, FERC has changed the standard in determining whether a proposed merger should go forward. If your company or client is preparing for a merger, it is necessary to consult with FERC's criteria for approved mergers and the latest developments in that area.

Locate FERC decisions in any of your transfer binders with the "Cumulative Indices" volume — The "Cumulative Indices" volume contains finding devices for locating FERC documents reproduced in all of the transfer binders. It allows you to track down items easily from any transfer binder without having to consult individual transfer binder indices. With this one binder, you can research subject matter three different ways using the Topical Index, Table of Cases or Docket Table.

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