Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reporter - Opinions, Orders, and Decisions Archive

The CCH Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reporter — Opinions, Orders, and Decisions consists of two comprehensive volumes that provide you with coverage of interstate aspects of the electric power and natural gas industries, as well as oil pipelines. The looseleaf volumes are the only print source these materials with pagination that provides the basis for official FERC citations. Subscribe today to:

  • Obtain reproductions of official FERC issuances and other important information from FERC published in Volumes 1 to 101*
  • Research the history of important issues in the public utility area, including FERC policies and decisions on deregulation and restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Consult paragraph numbers used for indexing, citing and referencing to make your research easier

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Find all the information you need in one convenient source—The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reporter—Opinions, Orders, and Decisions Archive includes FERC opinions, orders and notices, Office Director Orders and Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) decisions in one location. Anyone in the electric power, natural gas and oil pipeline industries will find this a very important resource.

Track industry trends and past developments—With the Archive, you can follow all the decisions FERC has made.

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