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Here's the only electronic archive reference available for the entire Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) since its inception. The ideal companion reference to the CCH Government Contracts Reporter, FAR Archives furnishes previous versions of both the FAR and selected agency FAR supplements dating all the way back to the first effective date of April 1, 1984. Subscribe today to:

  • Research any version of any section of FAR-plus many military and civilian agency supplements since its inception
  • Guarantee the accuracy and effective adminstration of contracts, no matter how old they are
  • Ensure you'll always have documented proof of clauses governing your contracts
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FAR Archives furnishes previous versions of the FAR, as well as the following agency supplements:

  • Department of Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS)
  • Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFFARS)
  • Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFARS)
  • Navy Acquisition Procedures Supplement (NAPS)
  • Defense Logistics Acquisition Regulation (DLAR)
  • General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation (GSAR)
  • Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation (DEAR)
  • Department of Transportation Acquisition Regulation (TAR)
  • NASA FAR Supplements
  • Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation (EPAAR)
  • Cost Accounting Standards Board Regulations (CAS)
  • Federal Information Resources Management Regulations (FIRMR)

Research specific versions in a few clicks of a mouse - Government contract law stipulates that clauses in effect at the issuance of a contract continue to govern throughout the life of the contract, no matter how much time elapses. That's why contractors and procuring agents alike need a ready reference they can refer to throughout the administration of a contract-and renegotiation of the next. FAR Archives lets you see at a glance how the FAR and selected agency supplements read when your contracts were signed, and provides documented proof of those conditions.

Search and access the exact information you need in seconds - CCH's powerful software allows you to browse through the Federal Acquisition Regulation, plus related military and civilian agency supplements. An annotated archive of the original FAR, FAR Archives lists documents by section number, title and effective date; cite lines provide amendment history so you can track every change made to a section by Federal Acquisition Circular, date or Federal Register page number. If you know when your contract was signed, you're just a few mouse clicks away from the exact clauses in effect!

Archived quarterly for convenient, accurate reference - The Federal Acquisition Regulation is constantly evolving. FAR Archives is updated quarterly so you'll always have access to older versions of the regulations. As current regulations are updated, the replaced versions are moved into the Archives.

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