Energy and Environmental Law and Policy Series

Energy and Environmental Law and Policy Series

Edited by Kurt R. Deketelaere
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General Editor: Professor Kurt Deketelaere, Professor of Law, University of Leuven, Belgium; Honorary Professor of Law, University of Dundee, UK; Honorary Chief of Staff, Flemish Government; Secretary-General, League of European Research Universities (LERU), Belgium. Kurt’s CV – see www.kurtdeketelaere/en/kurt.


Environmental protection and energy efficiency/security are important societal chal- lenges. In order to tackle them, policy and legal frameworks are developed at national, regional and global level. Through study and best practices development, the chal- lenges will prove to be solvable.




The aim of this series is to publish works of excellent quality that focus on the study of energy and environmental policy. Through this series the editors: ;

  • contribute to the improvement of the quality of energy/environmental law and policy in general and environmental quality and energy efficiency in particular; increase the access to environmental and energy information for academics, non- governmental organizations, government institutions, and business; and
  • facilitate cooperation between academic and non-academic communities in the field of energy and environmental law and policy throughout the world.


Academics and practitioners in environmental and energy matters.

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