Contract Appeals Decisions

Contract Appeals Decisions

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Contract disputes between federal government agencies and private contractors are decided by either the Court of Federal Claims or by several administrative boards of contract appeals. In fact, the administrative boards issue the majority of these decisions which are an important part of the law that applies to government contracts.

Contract Appeals Decisions offers the full text of every decision issued by the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals as well as the former boards of the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Agriculture, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Interior, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, General Services Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, and others.

Expert written headnotes accompany each decision. Also included are a topical index, personnel listings and procedural rules for the boards, and biographies of each sitting judge.

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Coverage includes decisions of:
  • Armed Services (ASBCA)
  • Corps of Engineers (ENG BCA)
  • Department of Agriculture (AGBCA)
  • Department of Energy (EBCA)
  • Department of Interior (IBCA)
  • Department of Labor (LBCA)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT BCA)
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD BCA)
  • Postal Service (PSBCA)
  • General Services Administration (GSBCA)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VABCA)
  • In addition to full texts of cases, Contract Appeals Decisions also includes current rules of practice, and personnel lists and biographies for judges on the various boards of Contract Appeals.

    Contract Appeals Decisions with monthly updates assembles the full-text decisions of boards of contract appeals since 1956, complete with a Topical Index for fast and easy reference. Case headnotes prepared by CCH editors summarize the issues and holdings in terms you can easily understand. It's your ready resource for deciphering the complex — and confusing — language of government contracts. Subscribe today to:

    • Get the full text of all board of Contract Appeals Decisions since 1956, compiled in one convenient resource
    • Research specific cases, case references, subjects or topics quickly and easily
    • Stay informed of new cases with regular updates every two weeks
    • Learn how the boards have interpreted certain contract clauses
    • Get "plain English" summaries of the issues and holdings from CCH experts
    • Avoid common areas of trouble when negotiating contracts

    Provides an authoritative frame of reference - Government contract law is unique and stands apart from many of the rules developed under commercial contracts between private parties. That's why administrative case law provides such valuable guidance in interpreting particular contract clauses. For example, decisions on the allowability of costs are a virtual necessity to understanding the cost-reimbursement type of contract. When you need to know what important precedents have been set for the settlement of certain contract disputes, turn to Contract Appeals Decisions.

    Helpful tools make research a snap - Contract Appeals Decisions includes Citator and Case Tables to help you quickly find specific cases and case references. The Citator Table lists each case by name, as well as any decision in which the case is subsequently cited or discussed. You can also see whether a given case has been applied, distinguished, or overruled in later decisions. You'll be able to determine the full impact and precedent value of any decision at a glance!

    For more in-depth research, the CD-ROM and Internet versions of Contract Appeals Decisions link to CCH's Government Contracts Reporter for those who are subscribers to the Reporter. This allows you to view the statutes and regulations explained in the various boards' decisions, as well as texts of recent decisions from the Court of Federal Claims and Federal Circuit courts that may affect the outcome of board decisions.

    Your exclusive source for board decisions - Contract Appeals Decisions provides the complete text of BCA decisions since 1956. Not even the government publishes full-text cases!