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In the past, many states have attempted to cure problems and abuses that have appeared on a "one-at-a-time" basis, resulting in a multiplicity of consumer credit laws. In addition, the federal government has injected standards into broad areas of consumer credit previously regulated only by the states. The Consumer Credit Guide publishes the information that you need to successfully navigate the complex area of state and federal consumer credit laws and regulations. Subscribe today to:

  • Expedite your searches with our logically arranged material—state-by-state, topic-by-topic and law-by-law
  • Fully understand laws and regulations with our comprehensive coverage of full-text laws and regulations surrounding federal and state consumer credit issues plus official commentary and expert-written explanations
  • Cross-reference quickly using the State Decisions and All State charts to compare issuances from state to state
  • Keep up with all relevant Federal Register documents relating to Federal legislation and regulations
  • Stay up-to-date with the New Developments section, which furnishes full text reporting of the latest relevant case law, rulings and information
  • Access archived coverage of New Developments back to 1969 with an Internet subscription
  • Keep current with biweekly Report Letters covering the latest developments in Federal Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collection Practices, Equal Credit Opportunity and Truth-in-Lending, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, state laws and regulations, court decisions and other items pertinent to credit regulation

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    Volume 1
  • Case Table
  • Charts
  • Truth-in-Lending
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • Volume 2
  • Consumer Credit Explained
  • Uniform Consumer Credit Code
  • States AL-CT

  • Volume 3
  • States DE-IN

  • Volume 4
  • States IA-MA

  • Volume 5
  • States MI-NY

  • Volume 6
  • States NC-TN

  • Volume 7
  • States TX-WY

  • Volume 8
  • Federal Laws - Regulations
  • Specimen Forms (available only in print version)
  • Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices
  • Federal Fair Credit Reporting
  • Federal Agency Releases
  • Federal Equal Credit Opportunity
  • Cumulative Index
  • New Developments
  • Last Report Letter

Smart Charts - The Topics Smart Charts highlight the principal features of credit card charges and fees, gift cards, interest — usury, retail installment sales and home solicitation sales. Results include official citations and links to the full text of underlying laws, regulations and explanations. Select the topics and jurisdictions of interest and Smart Charts will retrieve the information in a chart or matrix format. Recent changes will be highlighted in yellow. The Smart Charts also provide quick access to laws governing predatory lending, payday lending, title loans and refund anticipation loans. The Legislative Developments Smart Charts track consumer credit laws enacted within a given year for all states.

Gain a fuller understanding through comprehensive coverage - The Guide stitches together the patchwork of state and federal consumer credit laws and regulations. It sets out the requirements that sellers, lenders and the financial community and their advisers must meet to protect their interests. Official commentary and expert-written explanations throughout supply knowledgeable advice when you need it. The Guide also includes full-text law and regulations, charts, court decisions, Attorney General opinions and helpful state-by-state explanations.

Keep abreast of the ever-changing field of consumer credit - Eight print volumes or an Internet subscription provide all the information you need for successful consumer credit operations. The "New Developments" section furnishes the latest relevant case law, rulings and information. Electronic versions provide "New Developments" reported all the way back to 1969.

With your subscription to the Consumer Credit Guide, you will receive biweekly updates to keep you current with new laws and regulations and amendments to existing statutes and rules. Changes are also reflected in the explanations, so you can access the latest information either through the official laws and regulations or through explanations. Cross-references allow you to easily go back and forth from official source materials to explanations. In addition to the updates, you will receive a Report Letter to bring you up-to-speed on the latest developments.

Research quickly with our easy-to-use research tools:

  • The Case Table and Current Case Table, Topical Index, Cumulative Index, Topical Index to New Developments and Rapid Finder Index point you in the direction to locate the information you need.
  • All State Charts help you to easily compare laws from state to state.
  • Finding Lists pinpoint the location of the state law sections and session laws cited in the Charts that do not appear elsewhere in the Guide.

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