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In today’s construction environment, attorneys need to be prepared to advise their clients at all stages of the process – initial contract, active building and post completion. To do so, they need authoritative guidance and key resources. The Construction Law Integrated Library provides a comprehensive offering of our construction content in online media. It includes 16 of the well-respected Aspen Red Book Series titles on construction plus three government contract titles from CCH. In addition, there are three Smart Charts covering contracts and claims, liens and bonds and architect, engineer and contractor licensing across U.S. jurisdictions and a journal covering hot topics in the construction industry. This unique resource will help you negotiate contracts confidently on behalf of any party and resolve construction claims efficiently and successfully on behalf of your client.

Newsletters and Journals (included with purchase of either component or entire library)

Construction Law Update (annual)

Construction Claims Adviser (licensed content - weekly)

Smart Charts:

Lien and Bond Issues (included with claims and disputes component or entire library purchase)

Contracts and Claims (included with either component or with entire library purchase)

Architect, Engineer and Contractor Licensing (included with claims and disputes component or entire library purchase)

Contracting Component:

Construction Law Handbook, Second Edition (contracting chapters only)

AGC Contract Documents Handbook

Alternative Clauses to Standard Construction Contracts, Third Edition

Design-Build Contracting Handbook, Second Edition

Legal Guide to AIA Documents, Fifth Edition (plus 2 appendices from the Fourth Edition)

Sweet on Construction Industry Contracts: Major AIA Documents, Fifth Edition

Construction Claims and Disputes Component:

Construction Law Handbook, Second Edition (dispute resolution and claims chapters only)

Architect and Engineer Liability: Claims Against Design Professionals, Third Edition

Calculating Construction Damages, Second Edition

Calculating Lost Labor Productivity in Construction Claims, Second Edition

Construction Change Order Claims, Second Edition

Construction Delay Claims, Third Edition

Construction Disputes: Practice Guide with Forms, Second Edition

Construction Disputes: Representing the Contractor, Third Edition

Construction Litigation: Representing the Owner, Second Edition

Construction Scheduling: Preparation, Liability, and Claims, Second Edition

Proving and Pricing Construction Claims, Third Edition

Termination of Construction and Design Contracts

State by State Guide to Construction Contracts and Claims (2006)

State by State Guide to Architect Engineer and Contractor Licensing (1999)

Fifty State Lien and Bond Law Second Edition (2000)

Public Construction Component (included with contracting component or with complete library purchase):

Construction Law Handbook, Second Edition (public constructionchapters)

Administration of Government Contracts, Fourth Edition

Formation of Government Contracts, Third Edition

The Government Contracts Reference Book: A Comprehensive Guide to the Language of Procurement, Second Edition

Add-on purchases:

CaliforniaConstruction Law

Florida Construction Law

Handling Construction Defect Claims: Western States

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The library provides expert analysis and guidance covering:

  • Contract clauses and their implications
  • The impact of construction delays and construction change order orders
  • Various scheduling methodologies including critical path method (CPM)
  • Calculating damages and lost labor productivity
  • Liens and bonds
  • Public construction contracts
  • Claims and litigation resolution
  • Licensing of architects, engineers and contractors

The Aspen Redbook Series of construction titles is recognized as the industry leader for key analysis and guidance in construction contracting and construction litigation. It offers comprehensive titles such as Construction Law Handbook as well as discrete titles addressing specific subjects like the AIA documents, design-build, CPM, scheduling and change orders. This library offers:

  • Guidance on the interpretation of the new AIA documents. As of now these documents are untested and have not been interpreted; however, our expert authors provide insight into how the courts will interpret and apply them. In addition the library offers alternative contract language and clauses that will best benefit your client whether the client is the owner, the architect or the contractor.
  • Litigation advice from different perspectives -- owner, contractor, architect so you can address issues specifically; make the best arguments for your client and know what the opposition will argue.
  • Expert perspective from over a hundred experienced construction attorneys: notably Werner Sabo (Legal Guide to AIA Documents), Neal Sweeney (Construction Law Update), William Schwartzkopf (several titles including Calculating Lost Labor Productivity), Brian G. Corgan, William E. Dorris, Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr. (Construction Disputes: Practice Guide with Forms) and Michael Callahan (Construction Change Order Claims; Construction Delay Claims).
  • Guidance and examples on how to assess damages, lost labor productivity and the impact of change order and delay claims.

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