Completeing the World Trading System, Proposals for a Millennium Round

Completeing the World Trading System, Proposals for a Millennium Round

Completeing the World Trading System, Proposals for a Millennium Round

By Peter S. Watson, Joseph E. Flynn, Chad Conwell
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Unimpeded world trade is still a dream. We may have virtually eliminated borders, but persistent discriminatory measures within borders – in the shapes of restrictive investment policies, inappropriate regulatory interference, and restraints on competition – still have the power to stifle foreign entrants to domestic markets.

Completing the World Trading System proposes to confront these trade-distorting forces at a new round of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Drawing on many years of international trade law practice and policymaking, the authors present a detailed agenda designed to:

  • deepen market access for all goods, services, and intellectual property facilitate and protect investment by foreign enterprises
  • overcome disparities of national regulatory schemes
  • ensure nondiscriminatory business operation in foreign markets
  • reinforce and support evolving international economic realities

    This timely, forward-looking book also shows how major regional trading arrangements have in fact achieved deeper economic integration than the WTO regime. Incorporating this evidence--as well as other proposals from the academic and policy communities--Completing the World Trading System crystallizes the most important trends in current international trade law.

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    1. Introduction
    2. The Vision of Cordell Hull and Early International Trade Agreements
    3. Multilateral Approaches to Trade Liberalization
    4. Non-Multilateral Approaches to Trade Liberalization
    5. A Proposal for a WTO Agreement on Investment
    6. Proposals for WTO Regulatory Reform
    7. Proposal for a WTO Agreement on Competition Policy
    8. Unifying the WTO: A Proposal to Ensure International Contestable Markets
    9. Conclusions