Chicago Stock Exchange Guide

As the official publisher for a dozen exchanges, CCH stands as the authority on issues relating to the complex world of stock and options exchanges. The Chicago Stock Exchange Guide continues that long tradition with this comprehensive guide. It provides members and registered representatives of the Exchange with complete, up-to-date information concerning Exchange operations. Subscribe today to:
  • Receive a full-text copy of the Constitution and Rules of the Exchange
  • Get the names of all corporations whose stock issues have been admitted to trading on the Exchange, together with pertinent information concerning the individual stock issues
  • Gain access to names, addresses and other valuable information relating to members and member organizations of the Exchange
  • Utilize the Guide's directory for telephone inquiries of the Exchange, including membership dues, fees and assessments
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  • Alphabetical Directories of Members and Member Organizations
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Committees
  • Constitution
  • Exchange Officials and Staff
  • General and Floor Rules
  • List of Securities
  • Midwest Clearing Corporation By-Laws and Rules
  • Midwest Securities Company By-Laws and Rules
  • Telephone Directory
Learn the important Rules and policies of the Exchange - As the official publication of the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Guide provides the Directory Certificate of Incorporation, Constitution, Rules and Policies of the Chicago Stock Exchange, and the By-Laws and Rules of the Midwest Securities Trust Company.

Access important information about the stocks and bonds listed on the Exchange - The names of all members are listed in alphabetical order. Each member entry shows the address and the date admitted to membership while member organizations' listings lists the name of the organization and the address of its principle office. Stocks are also listed alphabetically by corporation with each entry showing:

  • Ticker abbreviation
  • Complete name of the corporation

Familiarize yourself with the key personnel involved in Exchange activity - In addition to a complete listing of the members and the member organizations that make up the Exchange, the Guide provides detailed information on all officers as well as subsidiary companies of the Exchange.

A Telephone Inquiries—Fees and Assessments section lists the abbreviations of the Exchange divisions, the officials of the divisions with their telephone extensions and a classified telephone directory, enabling you to identify the best person to handle your inquiries.

Keep pace with ongoing changes - Subscribers to the Guide also receive monthly updates to stay informed of the latest changes and developments. The accompanying Report Letter provides a quick summary and expert insight into changes and trends most impacting the world of the Exchange.

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