Capital Changes Daily Direct Feed

The Capital Changes Daily Direct Data Feed (DDF) product provides subscribers with the "raw" data behind the capital changes that are tracked and reported on a daily basis. The data is provided to subscribers to facilitate subscribers' integration and use of capital change information in their internal systems. Filtering, sorting and other types of data manipulation are the responsibility of the subscriber.

A variety of records are used in the direct data feed transmission. These records denote the start and end of a day's transactions, define how data is stored on data records, and contain the raw capital change data.

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Features unique to Capital Changes Daily Direct Data Feed:
  • Alert Field—denotes changes to prior transactions. There are 13 specific codes used.
  • Election Participation Field—indicates if a transaction is mandatory or voluntary.
  • Capital Transaction Description Field—denotes the type of transaction being reported. There are 26 different categories.

Features shared by all Capital Changes products:

  • Experienced CCH editors with legal, tax and accounting backgrounds monitor publicly held companies, providing reports on all activities that might have tax consequences for shareholders.
  • The CCH Basis Factor— makes it easy to calculate changes to basis resulting from capital changes.
  • Precise reporting of fair market values and changes in basis resulting from corporate actions allow subscribers to properly book a transaction.
  • Includes summaries of taxability provided by the company, its tax counsel, or its accountants regarding tax consequences of corporate distributions.
  • CCH explanations offer insight concerning complicated issues.
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