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Since the early days of franchise law over 20 years ago, the CCH Business Franchise Guide has been the only single source of federal and state franchise and distribution laws, regulations, uniform disclosure formats and full-text case reporting.

The Business Franchise Guide was first published in April 1980 after the explosive growth of franchising during the 1960s and 1970s and the enactment of laws regulating it. It continues its reign today as an indispensable research and compliance tool, and is commonly referred to as the "bible of franchise law" by those in the field.

The Business Franchise Guide contains hundreds of pages of FTC and UFOC guidelines that aid franchisers in developing a uniform format for use under various state laws that require disclosure and registration prior to the sale of franchises.

Our experienced editorial staff at CCH has included more than 900 pages of explanations analyzing nearly 150 franchise law topics, with annotations dating back to 1980. Only with the Business Franchise Guide can you be sure you have the most current, complete, and easy-to-use franchise law information available.

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  • Obtain FTC and UFOC guidelines necessary for creating disclosure/ registration documents
  • Gain access to over nearly 5,000 court and administrative decisions that litigators can use in their cases
  • Guide yourself with the help of more than 900 pages of CCH explanations and analysis that present franchise law in easy-to-understand terms
  • Unlock international franchise laws with the English translations of laws and regulations in 18 jurisdictions that keep franchisors with businesses outside the U.S. up-to-date and in compliance
  • Stay current with monthly updates along with a newsletter that highlights the latest franchise law changes and developments
  • Anticipate new legal requirements with a monthly list of pending state and federal legislation

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  • Explanations
  • State Laws: Disclosure/Registration
  • State Laws: Relationship/Termination
  • State Regulations
  • Uniform Franchise Offering Circular
  • FTC Disclosure Rule Guidance
  • Federal Laws: Automobiles/Petroleum
  • International Laws and Regulations
  • Global Franchising Developments
  • Cases, Rulings, New Developments
  • Research more than 250 state and federal distribution laws all in one convenient place - Disclosure/registration and relationship/termination law of general application appear in full text and special industry laws (motor vehicles, gasoline, beer and wine, etc.) appear in summary form. The Business Franchise Guide is the only place where you can find them all.

    Access a unique collection of more than 5,000 court and administrative decisions, many only available to subscribers of the Business Franchise Guide. This collection is invaluable to litigators since it contains the court and administration decisions that form the basis of franchise law.

    Expand your knowledge of franchise laws through detailed, comprehensive explanations by CCH's editorial team - The explanations and analysis provided in the Business Franchise Guide walk you through the legal considerations associated with business franchising and present the law in easy-to-understand language. Eplanations include coverage of almost 150 franchise law topics from disclosure/registration to antitrust and intellectual property.

    Gain valuable insight into international franchise laws - all translated into English - The Business Franchise Guide includes a section on international laws and regulations, which compiles the franchise laws and regulations enacted in 18 jurisdictions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstn, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Venezuela, and the European Union. All laws and regulations have been translated into English for your convenience and are not available in any other franchise law publication. In addition, each country's laws and regulations are preceded by a concise introduction by the CCH editorial team. The Global Franchising Developments section provides you with court decisions, proposed legislation and outside-authored articles concerning international franchise laws. These two sections provide priceless information for those franchisors with businesses outside the U.S.

    Use Smart Charts to build a topical matrix with links to Citations and CCH's - Results can be printed or exported to Excel. Smart Charts are now available for all Internet subscribers of the Business Franchise Guide . The Business Franchise Guide State Laws Quick Reference Smart Charts provide quick reference information on various frequently referenced franchise laws enacted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The following topics may be selected:

    • State Disclosure/Registration Laws
    • State Relationship/Termination Laws

    Results will be displayed by the topic, the selected jurisdiction and by links to Citation and CCH paragraph numbers.

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