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Since CCH began covering the field of state securities laws in 1928 with the publication of Stocks and Bonds Law Service, the predecessor to today's Blue Sky Law Reporter, we have been bringing attorneys and accountants the latest information on state securities laws and regulations. This year's edition of the Blue Sky Law Reporter marks the 59th year CCH has published the state securities law reference under this title. The Reporter, covering laws, regulations (rules), policy statements, interpretive opinions, no-action letters and decisions on the issuance and sale of securities, and the licensing and activities of broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers and investment adviser representatives for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, is without question the definitive source for U.S. state securities law. Subscribe today to:

  • Get comprehensive coverage of all U.S. state securities laws
  • Reference the full text of the Uniform Securities Act of 1956 and 2002
  • Locate more in-depth information with the help of amendment lines at the end of each law section
  • Make sure you're in compliance at home and across state lines
  • Cut down on research time with easy-to-use charts and tables
  • Prepare for the future by analyzing proposed rules and soon-to-be effective laws

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  • Topical Index
  • General Guide
  • Statements of Policy—Other Guidelines
  • Uniform Securities Act
  • Finding Lists
  • Explanatory Guides, Laws, Regulations, Policy Statements, Interpretive Opinions, Administrative Orders and No-Action Letters for the 50 states plus Washington D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
  • Cases
  • Report Letters
  • Access the full text of all Blue Sky laws and regulations — The Blue Sky Law Reporter provides the full text of all key state securities laws and regulations, including:
    • Uniform Securities Act (1956 and 2002) — Uniform regulation of securities, broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers and investment adviser representatives. Also covers Model Rules of the North American Securities Administrators Association adopted by a majority of states.
    • Disclosure Laws and Rules — Regulations dealing with takeover disclosures and security acquisition provisions needed by corporations and target companies.
    • Insurance Securities Laws and Rules — Selective provisions covering an insurance company obtaining a solicitation permit to sell its securities.

    Enhance understanding of securities laws via CCH's expert explanations and interpretations:

    • Explanatory Guide — Summarizes laws and rules for each state and offers ease of comparison between states
    • General Guide — Provides annotations to the full text of Blue Sky "New Matters"
    • Amendment Lines — Specifies House/Senate Bill numbers for in-depth research

    Locate key state-by-state information, forms and instructions quickly and easily — Easy-to-use state-by-state charts and forms help subscribers make comparisons and handle securities related business efficiently. Paragraph cites to full-text laws and regulations and electronic links to the CCH companion publication (sold separately), Blue Sky Law Interactive Forms and Instructions (CD-ROM/Internet versions), provide a valuable time-saving tool.

    Use Dual Reporting feature to anticipate future laws and amendments — Covers future effective laws and proposals to regulations. Compare the old with the new, analyze trends and plan for legislation and regulation in the works.

    Keep current with new developments through semi-monthly updates — With your semi-monthly updates, you'll also receive a Report Letter that relays the latest on laws, regulations, administrative enforcement actions, state no-action letters and pertinent state securities cases involving mutual funds, variable annuities and other investment types, and including national and state trial news, settlements, arbitrations and federal cases containing a state securities component. Paragraph cites within the Report Letter link you to the full text of the affected laws, regulations and cases within the Reporter.

    New! Create quick multi-jurisidictional charts with CCH Smart Charts— CCH Smart Charts enable users to research key topics across selected jurisdictions in a few easy steps. Simply select the topic and the jurisdictions of interest, and Smart Charts will retrieve the information and present it in a clear, customized chart or matrix format. Results include links for instant access to the relevant law, regulation or discussion in the Blue Sky Law Reporter as well as highlight changes that have recently occured (up to 120 days).