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Blue Sky Law Desk Reference

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What if you could take all of the Blue Sky law information you reference most often and put it into one concise, convenient volume? Well, we¿ve done it for you with the CCH Blue Sky Law Desk Reference. This compact reference contains an overview of the laws and regulations of 53 jurisdictions (50 states plus Washington D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico). In a fast-answer format, it provides information on state laws regulating the issuance and sale of securities, as well as licensing and activities of issuers, brokers-dealers, agents and investment advisers. Its affordable price allows everyone in the office to have one for ready-reference at his or her desk. Subscribe today to:
  • Have a quick answer desk reference within reach on Blue Sky law in the 50 states, plus D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico
  • Get the big picture view of state-by-state Blue Sky summaries
  • Find the information you need quickly with over 20 easy-to-use charts and tables
  • Keep yourself and your colleagues current with monthly updates on Blue Sky law developments
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  • Fast Finders
  • Explanatory Guides
  • Report Letters
  • Locate compliance information quickly with "Fast Finder Charts" - The Blue Sky Law Desk Reference contains fast finder charts and tables for quick answers to frequently-asked Blue Sky law questions pertaining to: the Uniform Securities Act of 2002, the National Securities Markets Improvements Act (NSMIA), Securities Exemptions, Transactions Exemptions, Blue Sky Fees, Service of Process and Summaries of Blue Sky Laws, Regulations and Policy Statements/Orders.

    The summary charts list the Blue Sky laws, regulations, policy statements, interpretative opinions and orders for each state that have been adopted in the last year. The summary provides a quick synopsis of the developments, along with the effective date. Paragraph references under the Law/ Regulation column refer you to the full text document in the Blue Sky Law Reporter (sold separately).

    Get an overview of Blue Sky laws for each state with "Explanatory Guides" - The Blue Sky Law Desk Reference includes state-by-state explanatory guides and summaries of Blue Sky law and rules for all 53 jurisdictions (50 states plus Washington D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico) in a concise, easy-to-understand overview. All of the explanatory guides follow a standard outline, so it's easy to compare points of law across state lines:

    • Administration
    • Exemptions
    • Registration of Securities
    • Securities Filing Fees
    • Registration of Broker-Dealer, Salesmen, Investment Advisers and Investment Adviser Representatives
    • Bonds and Net Capital
    • Financial Statements and Reports
    • Escrow Agreements
    • Advertising
    • Service of Process
    • Appeals
    • Takeover Disclosures

    Stay current of new developments with monthly updates - Each month, you'll receive new and amended explanatory state guides and updated finding materials. Each update also includes a reader-friendly Report Letter that highlights and summarizes the most recent Blue Sky law developments. Paragraph cites within the Report Letter direct you to the finding list charts and explanatory guides in the Blue Sky Law Desk Reference.

    Find answers quickly and conveniently right at your desk - The Blue Sky Law Desk Reference is packaged for convenience to fit into any workspace. Best of all is its affordable price—you save when you order five or more print subscriptions!