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Advertising is a deadline-oriented business. When you are responsible for providing legal clearance to advertising and marketing initiatives or for handling litigation in this area, you don't have time to search through a variety of sources that may or may not be current. You need a single, up-to-date source that covers all the issues that are important to you and your clients. The CCH Advertising Law Guide includes full-text reporting of state and federal laws, federal regulations, industry self-regulatory guidelines, and new developments. Plus, it offers treatise-style explanations by authors with nationally recognized expertise in advertising, marketing, and intellectual property issues. Subscribe today to:

  • Receive full-text reporting of state and federal laws, regulations, industry self-regulatory guidelines and new developments
  • Understand crucial issues such as false advertising, sweepstakes, telemarketing and email advertising
  • Get access to treatise-style explanations by authors with nationally recognized expertise in advertising, marketing and intellectual property issues
  • Stay current with monthly updates including new laws and regulations, court decisions, FTC developments, state enforcement actions, and a list of pending legislation
  • Receive a monthly Report Letter summarizing the contents of the report and highlighting important news
  • Review summaries of Supreme Court cases relating to advertising and marketing laws at a glance with the Supreme Court Docket
  • Use our list of Pending Legislation to track the progress of industry related bills from introduction through passage and approval
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  • Introduction
  • FTC Regulation of Advertising
  • Other Federal Agencies
  • State Advertising Laws
  • Lanham Act - False Advertising
  • Industry Self-Regulation and Network Standards
  • Common Advertising Issues
  • Industry-Specific Advertising Issues
  • Intellectual Property for Advertisers
  • Federal Laws, Rules, and Policies

  • FTC Act
  • Lanham Act, False Advertising
  • Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
  • Telephone Solicitation Laws
  • Pay-Per-Call Laws
  • Packaging and Labeling Laws
  • Sweepstakes Restrictions
  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Law
  • FTC Procedures and Rules of Practice
  • FTC Rules and Industry Guides
  • FTC Policy Statements
  • Food and Drug Administrative Rules
  • FCC Rules and Policies
  • Federal Reserve Board Rules
  • Industry Self-Regulation Codes, Guides and Procedures

  • Full text of industry self-regulation guidelines
  • Better Business Bureau Code of Advertising
  • National Advertising Review Board Procedures
  • NBC Advertising Standards, Procedures, Policies
  • Internet Advertising Bureau Privacy Guidelines
  • State Laws

  • False Advertising Laws
  • Unfair and Deceptive Practice Laws (and Gift Certificate Laws)
  • Sweepstakes, Contests and Prize Promotion Laws
  • Telephone Solicitation Laws
  • Electronic Mail Solicitation Laws
  • Facsimile Solicitation Laws
  • Pay-Per-Call Laws
  • Publicity and Privacy Laws
  • Unsolicited Merchandise Laws
  • Pending Legislation

  • Summaries and status of pending state and federal legislation
  • Index to New Developments

  • United States Supreme Court Docket
  • New Developments:

  • Court Decisions
  • NAD case abstracts
  • FTC and state enforcement actions
  • Legislative proposals
  • Speeches and policy statements
  • Articles
  • Newsletters

  • Monthly newsletter summarizing developments included in the report and highlighting other important information
  • Learn the laws and advertise without fear of costly litigation - With the multitude of advertising and marketing avenues currently available to businesses, there's more and more to know to comply with the laws. If you do business in multiple states, it can be even more complicated, as these regulations often differ from state to state. That's why CCH's Advertising Law Guide conveniently includes state-specific coverage of topics such as:

  • False advertising (federal and state enforcement and private suits)
  • Sweepstakes and contests
  • Telemarketing
  • Internet, email and fax advertising
  • Privacy rights
  • Gain insight with author commentary and explanations by experts you can trust - With author commentary and explanations, understanding the legal implications of new laws and regulations is a snap. Plain-English analyses by our nationally known experts give you the background to evaluate advertising materials or marketing strategies with confidence.

    Monthly updates ensure accuracy - For 90 years, CCH has set the standard for research and compliance tools that business and legal professionals rely on. We will keep you current with:

  • Monthly updates¿including updated laws and regulations, court decisions, FTC developments, state enforcement actions and a list of pending legislation.
  • Monthly Report Letters¿summarizing the contents of the report and highlighting important news.
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