Store International Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Volume XXII - 1997
Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Volume XXII - 1997

Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Volume XXII - 1997



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The latest volume of the Yearbook breaks ground by expanding its coverage in several ways. The scope of these new developments includes:
  • Panama Convention 1975: (Part V-D): This new portion of the Part on court decisions applying major multilateral arbitration conventions reports decisions on the Panama Convention 1975 for the first time.
  • 1958 New York Convention: (Part V-A): This volume's edition reports on more decisions applying and interpreting the 1958 New York Convention than ever before--sixty-nine decisions from nineteen countries.
  • Challenge decisions under UNCITRAL Rules: For the first time, the Yearbook also includes two challenge decisions made under the UNCITRAL Rules by Appointing Authorities.

    Particular topics of interest covered in this new volume of the Yearbook include:

  • new or amended international arbitration and conciliation rules from the American Arbitration Association, the Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Americas (CAMCA), the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration;
  • the trend toward offering expedited arbitration services as represented in the rules for expedited arbitration of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the Japan Shipping Exchange;
  • UNCITRAL's latest contribution: Notes on Organizing Arbitral Proceedings;
  • the new arbitration acts in Brazil, Guatemala, Malta, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe, all inspired by the UNCITRAL Model Law; and
  • awards emanating from arbitral institutions located in Paris, Hamburg, Milan, Rome, Stockholm, and Zurich, as well as awards made under the auspices of the ICC and ICSID.

    The Yearbook's thorough coverage, the first-time enhancements in this issue, and the wealth of recent developments in the field make this latest issue of the Yearbook a must-read for the practitioner.

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    Table of Contents
      Part I: National Reports
      Part II.A: Arbitral Awards. Index of Arbitral Awards
      Part II.B: Court Decisions on Arbitration
      Part II.C: Court Decisions Applying the UNCITRAL Model Law
      Part III.A: Arbitration Rules
      Part III.B: Iran-US Claims Tribunal
      Part IV: Recent Developments in Arbitration Law and Practice
      Part V.A: Court Decisions on the New York Convention 1958
      Part V.B: Court Decisions on the European Convention 1961
      Part V.C: Court Decisions on the Washington Convention 1965
      Part V.D: Court Decisions on the Panama Convention 1975
      Part VI: Articles on Arbitration
      Part VII: Bibliography
      List of ICCA Officers and Members.
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