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What the New Tax Law Means to You 2018

Softcover Book

Softcover Book

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What the New Tax Law Means to You is an easy - and inexpensive - way to make sure your HR and Payroll departments aren't inundated with time-consuming questions from employees.

Distribute these booklets to your employees to ease employees' concerns, answer their questions, and help reassure your employees that your organization is up-to-date on changes that affect their interests including:

  • Elimination of personal and dependency exemption deductions
  • Increased standard deductions
  • New, lower tax rates
  • Doubling of the child tax credit
  • New tax credit for non-child dependents
  • New limitations on itemized deductions for taxes and home loan interest
  • Easing for medical expense deduction rules for 2017 and 2018
  • Elimination of moving expense deductions
  • New “kiddie tax” rules
  • And more!
Last Updated 02/16/2018
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ISBN 9781454898924
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