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Vertical Restraints in the Digital Economy: Vertical Block Exemption Regulation Reform and the Future of Distribution by CLAICI

Vertical Restraints in the Digital Economy: Vertical Block Exemption Regulation Reform and the Future of Distribution

Edited by Adina Claici, Denis F. Waelbroeck,
By Yves Botteman, Avantika Chowdhury, Pablo Ibáñez Colomo, Guillaume Duquesne, Ian S. Forrester, Bernd Meyring, Giorgio Monti, J. Steenbergen


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Vertical agreements between undertakings at the various levels of a supply chain have long been seen as a fundamental focus for antitrust legislation, such as the European Union’s Vertical Block Exemption Regulation (VBER). It goes without saying that such issues are particularly prevalent in digital markets. This authoritative commentary analyses the main restrictions in vertical agreements, emphasising the numerous new and contentious issues arising in the context of Internet distribution. It offers both legal and economic perspectives, as well as examines enforcement and possible changes to the legislation.

What’s in this book:
The contributions from the 2020 conference of the Global Competition Law Centre at the College of Europe ¿ written by experts from a range of professional backgrounds, including leading competition authority officials, lawyers, economists, and academics – provide in-depth discussions of topics that have emerged as areas for conscious policy choices, such as the following:

  • restrictions of online sales;
  • price parity obligations; 
  • resale price maintenance;
  • the duration of non-compete obligations;
  • sustainability agreements; 
  • geo-blocking practices; and
  • restraint of trade in pharmaceuticals.

How this will help you:
With its multidisciplinary approach highlighting the efficiencies and harms caused by the restrictions at stake, this authoritative commentary clearly shows how law and practice apply to specific issues relating to digital markets and how the law is likely to change in the near future. This concise yet comprehensive book will be of immeasurable value to lawyers and officials concerned with European competition law and academics in the field.

Disclaimer: This title is in pre-production and any names, credits or associations are subject to change. The current table of contents and subject matter is for pre-release sample purposes only.

Publish Date 06/30/2021
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403532431
SKU 10089370-0001
Table of Contents

About the Global Competition Law Centre




A Judicial Swan Song?
Judge Ian Forrester

Keeping Geo-blocking Practices in Check: Competition Law and Regulation
Giorgio Monti

Territorial Restrictions in EU Competition Law: From Consten-Grundig to Ping and Pay-TV
Pablo Ibáñez Colomo

Vertical Restraints and the Digital Revolution: Has the Internet Changed the Rules of the Game in the EU?
Yves Botteman & Alexandra Prohm

Assessment of MFNs in the Digital World: The Case for a More Effects-Based Approach
Avantika Chowdhury

Disruption of Online Distribution Models, What Implications for the Revision of VBER and Vertical Guidelines? An Economic Perspective
Miguel de la Mano & Guillaume Duquesne

The Future of Vertical Restraints: The View of a National Enforcer
Jacques Steenbergen