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Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions

By Alon Kaplan


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The use of trusts in the modern, globalised economy is expanding rapidly. Trusts are employed, among many other purposes, for tax and estate planning, to protect assets from political unrest, and to address forced heirship issues. Indeed, they have almost become a necessity in an era which has seen the rise of multinational corporations, the frequent transfer of employees across jurisdictions, and an increase in the adoption of residence in another country by retirees and expatriates.

Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions presents an overview of 15 jurisdictions where trusts are part of the economic and legal landscape. It comprises 27 expert papers, contributed by practitioners and academics, on various aspects of trust law, taxation and related subjects, both on and offshore.

The work will be a valuable resource for the specialist practitioner wishing to gain a broader, international perspective, and for the professional newer to the field who requires a good basic knowledge of the subject.

Publish Date 01/01/2002
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041198150
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Table of Contents
    Part I. Introduction.
  1. Introduction; A. Kaplan
  2. The Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and their Recognition; H. Kötz
  3. Overview of Trusts in England and Wales; M. Frost
  4. Estate Planning with Trusts in the United States; R. Whitman

    Part II. Jurisdictional Overview.
  5. The UK Tax Treatment of Offshore Trusts; R. Citron
  6. Use of Trusts by US Citizens in International Tax Planning; J. R. Duke
  7. Estate Planning for US Citizens Residing Outside of the US; D. K. Roskies
  8. Trusts in Australia; T. Johannson
  9. Trusts in the Bahamas; P. D. Maynard
  10. Trusts in the British Virgin Islands; C. J. McKenzie
  11. Taxation of Trusts in Canada; M. J. Rochwerg, M. T. Cass
  12. Trusts in the Cayman Islands; A. Travers, J. Appleyard
  13. Trusts in Gibraltar; J. Levy, L. Kentish
  14. Trusts in Guernsey; St John A. Robilliard
  15. Use of Trust Held Dutch Companies for International Tax Planning; B. Larkin, J. A. Dekker
  16. Trusts in India; R. Nath.
  17. Trusts in Israel; A. Kaplan
  18. Tax Aspects of Trusts in Israel; L. Harris
  19. The Trust in the Liechtenstein Law on Persons and Companies; G. Meier
  20. Utilisation of Foreign Trust Structures in Luxembourg; H. Parize
  21. A Swiss Perspective on Trusts; P. Supino, A. C. Limburg

    Part III. Special Topics.
  22. Asset Protection Trusts; G. Rothschild
  23. The Uses of Trusts in the Commercial Context; D. Hayton
  24. The Use of UK Trusts for Holding and Dealing with Works of Art and Chattels; D. J. Smith
  25. Proposed Money Laundering Legislation in Israel; G. Levertov
  26. Offshore Centres under Attack; R. J. Hay