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The Trial Attorneys Integrated Library brings together everything you need to know about presenting evidence to the court - and everything you want to know about the judge presiding over your case. Organized into two logical components, this single online tool delivers access to a number of exclusive resources, including the respected insights of Wigmore on Evidence and New Wigmore as well as the valuable data available only from the Directory of Federal Judges. Every feature of the Trial Attorneys Integrated Library is designed to increase efficiency and knowledge as you prepare for - and engage in - litigation in federal court. From planning through appeals, trial attorneys can rely on this resource to make the best decisions at every stage.

This powerful tool is essential for both civil and criminal attorneys practicing in the federal court system. It features:

  • The most comprehensive, one-stop site for information on the federal judiciar
  • A trusted source for lawyers' candid evaluations of judge
  • Immediate access to financial disclosure forms and Senate questionnaires - in their entirety - at the click of a mous
  • Current coverage of courtroom practices and procedures with courtroom staff contact informatio
  • Unmatched analysis of evidentiary issues, with coverage of federal and various state approache
  • Illuminating insights into the historical and policy underpinnings of the rules of evidence to help you make the most persuasive arguments to the court
  • Valuable charts comparing state and federal approaches to the rules of evidence


  • All citations to the Federal Rules are linked to the full text of the rules.
  • Case citations are linked to the full text of the case - over 20,000 linked cases!

And all of this material comes to you online in a fully searchable format that speeds your research on every topic!

The Trial Attorneys Integrated Library includes:

Judicial Research Component

  • Directory of Federal Judges

Evidence Component

  • Wigmore on Evidence
  • New Wigmore: A Treatise on Evidence
  • Evidence: Practice under the Rules

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