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Transport Law in China by James Zhengliang Hu

Transport Law in China

By James Zhengliang Hu


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Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this book provides a systematic approach to transport law as applied in China. The book describes the main sources of transport law, jurisdiction and courts, state immunity, and the legal role of transport intermediaries, with detailed reference to maritime law, transport by road, transport by air, transport by rail, and inland navigation. A special chapter is devoted to multimodal transport.

Among the elements of transport law considered are the legal status of the vessel; its acquisition, ownership, and registration; vessel liens and mortgages; the position of master and crew; maritime salvage and assistance; marine pollution; collision; and carriage of passengers. Other topics discussed include liability and limitation of liability, charter parties, and transport under bill of lading. Case law, intergovernmental cooperation agreements, and interactions with environmental, tax, and competition law are also covered.

Its succinct yet scholarly nature, as well as the practical quality of the information it provides, make this book a valuable resource for lawyers handling transport contracts or cases affecting China. It will also be welcomed by researchers and academics for its contribution to a field that continues to gain significance in the study of comparative law.

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Publish Date 01/05/2015
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ISBN 9789041158970
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Table of Contents

The Author.

List of Abbreviations.


General Introduction.

Part I. Introduction.

Chapter 1. Definitions and Notions.

Chapter 2. The Main Sources of Transport Law.

Chapter 3. Jurisdiction and Courts.

Chapter 4. State Immunity and Transport Law.

Chapter 5. Transport Intermediaries and Auxiliaries.

Part II. Maritime Transport.

Chapter 1. The Vessel.

Chapter 2. Maritime Liens and Mortgages.

Chapter 3. Master and Crew.

Chapter 4. Liability and Limitation of Liability in Maritime Law.

Chapter 5. Charter Parties.

Chapter 6. Transport under Bill of Lading & Other Documents.

Chapter 7. Pilotage.

Chapter 8. Towage and Pushing Contract.

Chapter 9. Salvage at Sea.

Chapter 10. General Average.

Chapter 11. Marine Insurance.

Chapter 12. Collisions.

Chapter 13. Marine Pollution.

Chapter 14. Arrest of Ships.

Part III. Other Transport.

Chapter 1. Transport by Road.

Chapter 2. Transport by Rail.

Chapter 3. Coastal Transport & Inland Navigation.

Chapter 4. Air Transport.

Chapter 5. Multimodal Transport.

Selected Bibliography.