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Transport Law in Australia, Third edition by LIVERMORE

Transport Law in Australia, Third edition

By John Livermore


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This updated edition of Transport Law in Australia describes the main sources of transport law, jurisdiction and courts, state immunity, and the legal role of transport intermediaries. The scope of the book is broad in that it encompasses maritime, road, rail, air, and multimodal transport law. Almost half the book is devoted to maritime and shipping law which, for an island nation with over 95% of its international trade carried by sea, is as important as it is unsurprising.

Whilst works of this nature have the potential to be a ‘dry’ read, in this case the author has taken an approach which makes the book eminently readable and usable. The text is well supported by in-depth research and enhanced with comprehensive referencing, footnotes, tables of cases and statutes, as well as a selected bibliography.

With Australian society and the economy vitally dependent on all modes of transport this book will be a valuable addition for many in the transport community. This includes transport operators, shippers and freight forwarders, transport regulators and lawyers, as well as academics, researchers and students engaged in the study of transport.

The author’s practical and masterful approach to the subject should go a long way to ensuring the success of Transport Law in Australia as well as being a valuable addition to the body of literature on this important topic.

Barrie Lewarn


Australian Maritime College, National Centre for Ports and Shipping

University of Tasmania

Review of the second edition of Transport Law in Australia


Publish Date 12/19/2017
Publish Frequency Annually
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041193155
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Table of Contents

The Author

List of Abbreviations


General Introduction

Part I. Introduction

Part II. Maritime Law

Chapter 1. Carriage by Sea

Chapter 2. Shipping Law

Part III. Other Transport

Chapter 1. Carriage by Road

Chapter 2. Carriage by Rail

Chapter 3. Carriage by Air

Selected Bibliography

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes