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Transnational Labour Law by Antonio Ojeda Avilés

Transnational Labour Law

By Antonio Ojeda Avilés


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Studies in Employment and Social Policy Series Volume 46

This unique title is the first in-depth study to treat labour law transnationally; providing a horizontal perspective across world institutions and thereby revealing new formulas of the private regulation of economic and production relations.

The centre of gravity in labour relations worldwide has shifted from governments to multinational companies and financial institutions. In Transnational Labour Law, Antonio Ojeda Avilés examines the mixture of private and public regulation – both substantive and procedural – that characterizes employment relations virtually everywhere in the world today, allowing the reader to gain insight into how this interaction of public and private rules affects the employment relationship. The book’s detailed discussions of ILO and EU measures deal not with these organizations’ rules in themselves, but with the ways these organizations regulate private entities, because such regulations mark the limits and possibilities of labour action by multinationals.

Transnational Labour Law is an engaging study of this evolving field and the expert commentary is designed to allow the practitioner to confidently act with a new and sharpened perspective on today’s labour relations.

Antonio Ojeda Avilés presents a deeply informed synthesis of new formulas and patterns of labour relations that will benefit all working in this field. Areas covered in the analysis include:

  • private labour contracts;
  • global and regional employers’ associations;
  • transnational collective bargaining;
  • international trade unionism;
  • company by-laws; and
  • codes of conduct designed to declare corporate social responsibility

Other topics covered include:

  • global use of employee participation in business management;
  • transnational labour arbitration;
  • conflict measures including strikes and boycotts;
  • transactional aspects of company crises;
  • insolvency;
  • in-court and out-of-court settlement of labour disputes

For its new and enlightening perspective on labour and employment relations, and the hitherto unexplored critical analysis and comment that such an approach entails, Transnational Labour Law opens doors for legal practice and labour policymaking almost anywhere on earth. It will be of incalculable value for all concerned lawyers, jurists, and government officials for decades to come.

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Table of Contents



List of Abbreviations.

List of Case Studies.

PART I The Making of an Approach.

CHAPTER 1 Labour Law and Transnational Scope of Application.

PART II Procedural Transnational Law.

CHAPTER 2 Conflict-of-Law Rules in Labour Law.

CHAPTER 3 European Union Conflict Rules.

PART III Substantive Transnational Law.

CHAPTER 4 Transnational Rules on Employment Relations (I).

CHAPTER 5 Transnational Rules on Employment Relations (II).

CHAPTER 6 Fundamental Transnational Rights in Employment Relationships.

CHAPTER 7 Company Crises and Offshoring.

CHAPTER 8 Participation of Employees in Business Management.

CHAPTER 9 Transnational Collective Bargaining.

CHAPTER 10 Transnational Collective Conflicts.

CHAPTER 11 Corporate Social Responsibility and Codes of Conduct.