Store International Transitions in European Patent Law. Influences of the Unitary Patent Package
Transitions in European Patent Law. Influences of the Unitary Patent Package by Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marcus Norrgård, Niklas Bruun

Transitions in European Patent Law. Influences of the Unitary Patent Package

Edited by Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marcus Norrgård, Niklas Bruun


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New complex technological sectors like software and biotechnology pose unprecedented challenges for patent law. In Europe, this situation has engendered patent law reforms which, after several years of struggling, seem to have finally concretized in the Agreement on the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court signed by twenty-five EU Member States in February 2013 (the so-called EU Patent Package). In this ground-breaking book – derived from the work of the highly respected and penetrating PatLim project in Finland – nineteen prominent experts explore issues arising in the context of the emerging European patent system. The book analyses how substantive and procedural patent law rules in highly complex technologies interact within each other’s frameworks and within the overall IP framework, as well as within the frameworks of other intellectual property rights and other fields of law, such as competition law. Topics and issues include the following: ;
  • judicial independence of specialized courts;
  • the concept of dynamic patent governance;
  • legal certainty in patent law;
  • the inventive step and patent policy;
  • prior rights, conflicting applications, and secret prior art;
  • patent interpretation and the doctrine of equivalents;
  • preliminary injunctions in the Unified Patent Court; and
  • misuse of patent application procedures.
There is also a valuable comparison with the most recent transatlantic patent reforms, such as the America Invents Act of 2011. This is the first book to put the current evolution of European patent law in legal, economic, historical, and technological perspectives. As such, this important collection provides a rich understanding of the ways that patent law reacts to and provokes complex technological phenomena. The controversial issues raised and solutions and interpretations offered will be well worth the study of patent professionals within and beyond the European patent ecosystem.

Pages 352
Publish Date 06/25/2015
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Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041156051
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Table of Contents

Editors and Contributors.


PART I Introduction.

CHAPTER 1 European Patent Law: The Case for Reform Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marcus Norrgård & Niklas Bruun.

PART II European Patent Reforms: General Perspectives.

CHAPTER 2 Patent Reforms at Both Sides of the Atlantic: An Analysis of the Patent Package and the America Invents Act through the Lens of ‘Dynamic Patent Governance’ Esther van Zimmeren.

CHAPTER 3 The Unified Patent Court (UPC) in Action: How Will the Design of the UPC Affect Patent Law? Clement Salung Petersen, Thomas Riis & Jens Schovsbo.

PART III The Substantive Patent Law Framework.

CHAPTER 4 Legal Certainty and Software Patents: A European Perspective Rosa Maria Ballardini.

CHAPTER 5 The Unified Patent Court and the Inventive Step Pia Björkwall .

CHAPTER 6 Secret Prior Art: The Many Faces of Article 54(3) EPC Pamela Lönnqvist.

CHAPTER 7 Patent Specification: Articles 83 and 84 Appeal before the Boards of Appeal of EPO Concerning Computer Programs Perttu Virtanen.

PART IV Enforcement and Procedural European Patent Law.

CHAPTER 8 Enforcement: Legal Implications of the European and Unitary Patent Systems for Non-practicing Entity Patent Enforcement in Europe Kelli Larson.

CHAPTER 9 The Doctrine of Equivalents and the Interpretation of the Extent of Protection Conferred by a Patent Heikki Kemppinen, Jukka Kemppinen & Seppo Kemppinen.

CHAPTER 10 The Requirements for Preliminary Injunctions in the Unified Patent Court Marcus Norrgård & Alicia Nylund.

CHAPTER 11 Adding Fuel to Fire: A Complex Case of Unifying Patent Limitations and Exceptions through the EU Patent Package Nari Lee.

PART V European Patent Law: Perspectives from Other Fields of Law.

CHAPTER 12 The Relationship between Copyright and Patent Protection in European Union Law Jonas Ledendal.

CHAPTER 13 Competition Policies for Software Innovations in and beyond Markets: An Investigation into the Complementarity of Competition Law and Patents in the European Union Andrea Wechsler.

CHAPTER 14 Misuse of Patent Application Procedures: A Case for Condemning Non-misleading Strategies? Juha Vesala.


Table of Legislation.

Table of Cases.