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Trademark Law, Second Edition

Trademark Law, Second Edition

By Adam Brookman


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Trademark Law, Second Edition is the first practical treatise of its kind to approach trademark law from a fully integrated legal and business perspective. It walks you through the major areas of trademark practice:

  • Selecting and adopting trademarks
  • Perfecting, exploiting, and maintaining trademark rights
  • Asserting and defending against trademark claims
  • Business issues in trademark ownership

You'll find clear, concise explanations and illustrative case examples to help you take a course of action in the full range of business scenarios.

Trademark Law, Second Edition covers every key area, including:

  • Trademark selection and adoption
  • Trademark registration
  • Trade dress
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Fair use of the trademarks of others
  • Enforcement letters
  • and more
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